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Pleasanton Superior Court

Phone 510-227-6700
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Mailing Address Pleasanton Superior Court
5672 Stoneridge Drive, Pleasanton , CA 94588
Street Address 5672 Stoneridge Dr, Pleasanton , CA 94588
Fax 267-1544
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Why'd they put Pleasanton Superior Court in a business park? Must mean they're all business here. They really should stop calling court buildings the phrase "Hall of Justice." There ain't much justice in these places.
About the area
Pleasanton is a pleasant little city, be it the farmers market on the weekends or the Friday concerts or the Wednesday flea markets everything about it is so versatile. Visit the historic downtown which takes you down the memory lane and you will attest what we are saying. Safeway which serves millions of consumers across California and other states like Colorado is head quartered here. It is also home to the wealthy and rich people and ranked as a wealthy city in California.
Okay look ... Pleasanton is one of those places that's sorta in the Bay Area, but it's where a lot of people go to live because they can't afford to live where all the cool stuff is. That's just one person's opinion - and someone who's never been to Pleasanton -- because I lived where the cool stuff was and no one ever said - "Hey, let's go to Pleasanton!" Now I did go to Salina once, and that wasn't anything special. But you know what they say about opinions, they're like ... everyone's got one.
Type Of Cases Boredom causes all kinds of problems.
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Oct 11 2008 07:14:48: Pleasanton is not a place where according to your statement "a lot of people go to live because they can't afford to live where all the cool stuff is".<br> Please look for the housing stats in their website. You probably would not be able to afford to live in Pleasanton. People choose to live there because of the quality of life --- good schools, low crime rate, nice downtown area, etc.... Please get more facts before you say anything.<br> By the way, where do you live? Also, what are the "cool stuff"? <br>Editor's Note: I went to Stanford and I've been to Pleasanton. I now live in Albany NY, which is a lot like Pleasanton. I know what I'm talking about. The cool stuff nearby is in San Francisco and on the ocean, plus places like Sausalito and Tiburon. Lots of people live in and near Pleasanton because they can't afford to live in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.