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Los Angeles Traffic Court - Downtown/Metropolitan

Phone (213) 742-1884
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Mailing Address LA Traffic Court
1945 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Street Address 1945 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
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This might be the Los Angeles court where Paris Hilton had her DUI case heard. We're working on the details. It's so hard to find news about her on the internet these days. Just another LA Traffic Court.
Per an LA Times article, this may be the main traffic court in LA County. It is formally known as Los Angeles Superior Court - Metropolitan. We think there are plenty of other traffic courts in LA though.
About the area
Dodger Stadium, UCLA and Griffith observatory are famous landmarks just to name a few. The LA Zoo and parks are plenty for recreation. The visitors and convention bureau has so many options or tourists for things to do that one might get lost in the brochure itself. LA is also well connected in terms of public transport through buses, trams and trains, but no one rides it. Everyone drives. No walks either. Seldom to people need to take a cab and the public transport is also an economical way to see and experience the city. Known for its eclectic and wide variety of Spanish food, the lesser known side of this cuisine and its alter ego is the Korean food. Do not forget to visit the Korean market to get a cup of Kim chi jigae!
We have no idea who prosecutes the tickets in Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic cases. Maybe the judges do it themselves?
Type Of Cases LA Traffic Court handles a very high volume of cases.
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Sep 15 2011 04:23:30: Pathetic, that....due to "budget cuts, etc.," one is unable to reach a live operator on the phone!
May 24 2011 07:00:16: Inconvenience, wasted time and hard earned currency sums up this currupt organization of taking the debts but never refixing the matter... I hope revalation strikes upon them and cause a litigation melt down for you Fxxxxers...
Aug 31 2010 23:51:30: I need to speak to a person on the phone regarding this matter and there is no way to do this. I am not pleased with this because every situation is different
May 04 2010 02:43:42: With computers an fax machines why is the court always makein mistakes on hard workin tax payers. I guess city broke an they can make false charges an Supend peoples DLs, An then don't correct problem at DMV. Costin my rate to go up on Court mistake. Thank you. Greedy an Lazy Traffic Court workers
May 04 2010 02:27:28: Traffic court workers are not doing there job. My D.L was supended for nothing an the court never fix problem at DMV