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Contact Page for Mt. Olive Municipal Court

Phone 691-0900 (area code 973)
Mailing Address Mt. Olive Traffic Court, P.O. Box 450, Budd Lake, NJ 07828
Street Address 204 Flanders Rd, Budd Lake, NJ 07828

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Old Comments about Mt. Olive Municipal Court (hide)

Jun 04 2010 06:06:34: This town seems intent on bleeding every out-of-towner for every cent they can get. Early in 2008 I was passing through the town and I had a cracked windshield. I was pulled over and ticketed, the ticket was something like $20-40, whatever i can live with that. Now, over 2 years after the fact, I just received a bill from the NJ DMV claiming a $200 surcharge on that ticket, also stating that it put 4 points on my license. Needless to say I am seeking legal help now because 4 points and a $200 charge 2 years after paying the ticket is absolutely insane.
Jun 19 2009 07:20:56: How are they with pleading not guilty on a ticket? Are they lenient? Will they give you a non-point fine instead of a points one?
Sep 19 2008 23:23:25: Hey, i like this town's police cuz I was stopped by the town's main officer and when I asked him wether I can appeal it in the court or not, and he said "if you do that, i will make sure your licence gets suspended...", which is a clear threat to prevent me from getting my rights, and i completely appeal that. Am I allowed to put that officer's name? Let me know so I can also alert other drivers about this township court and their rules which are indeed indirect threats....
Sep 19 2008 23:19:14: this court charges $250 to appeal if you are not satisfied with the judge's decision, that is as if pleading guilty to the charge indirectly, because even insurance premium doesn't raise that much yearly for just one violation, so this rule is completely unfair. I don't agree because it is as if you don't like pasta and if you only want to eat pizza, you have get 5 slaps before getting what you want. You can't explain, or get that unless you are punished for it. What a great rule!
Sep 16 2008 22:41:44: Court charges $200 to appeal the decision, which is as if you can't afford it and if the decision is not in your favor, you have to plea guilty forcefully.