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Phone 216-641-4650
Mailing Address 4000 Washington Park Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44105
Street Address 4000 Washington Park Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44105

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Old Comments about Newburgh Heights Mayor's Court (hide)

Nov 23 2010 23:43:03: I think that it is an absolute disgrace to the human race how unfair the police are in Newburgh Hts. My car can barely do 60 miles per hour because i have a bad bearing on the drivers side. As i'm getting off of the freeway, a stupid, ignorant, lying, selfish, low down, lying, two timing, good for nothing, slimmy, police officer stopped me and said that I was doing 76mph on the freeway. (yeah right) As soon as I'm hitting 55, my car gets extremely loud and it shakes so bad it would give you a heart attack. There is no way possible i could've reached a 70 anything!!!1 NEVER!!!! I new for a facft that he wasn't pulling me over for speeding so I said may I ask you why I'm being stopped and he said yes you were doing 76 in a 60!!! "WHAT"???? I said sir that's almost impossible and I'm furious......can this be substantiated......? He rudely said yeah, I'll give you a ticket and you can tell it to the judge. Evnb though that wasn't the question.....I wanted him to prove it to me that I was going that fast in a vehicle I can hardly do 50moh in. I had heard of how predjudice and unfair the Newburgh police were and this was my first time being stopped by one of them and the rumor is true and is confirmed!!!!! It is disgusting that we have to be "potected" by people who lie and who are dishonest. You need to do a much better search for quality caring trustworthy officers to protect the city. It is a shame and a disgrace that there are bold face LIARS in your squad and hopefully as soon as possible this city will start hiring loving hnest and caring officers to protect Newburgh as well as the surrounding areas. I am very blessed!!
Dec 03 2009 00:19:40: Wow such intellegent people leaving comments i see. Point proven.
Feb 23 2009 22:09:34: newbuirgh heights does not care about black people. barack would get a ticket for tents
Feb 23 2009 22:08:36: yall pull people over because they black flatout