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Mechanicsburg Magistrate

Phone Call the Magistrate at: 717_766_4575
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Mailing Address 507 North York Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Street Address 507 N York St, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
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Quick facts about Mechanicsburg will tell you that its foundation started back in the 19th century and that its incorporation process took place back in the 1820's, you will also need to know that more than 9000 people have selected this land as their home and that its located in the Cumberland Valley. Those facts are important but they are not describing to you the most important element of this community, which is every single resident of the "Jubilee Day" land… what a lovely land! The citizens of Mechanicsburg have honor, pride, love, and honesty in their hearts; come to this land and enjoy a true American spirit on each man and woman living in this municipality.
Mark Martin lives quite Spartan
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Feb 25 2012 11:12:01: That judge is an idiot! Letting a muslim go free because he is a coward? If he likes the koran so much, he can go live somewhere the koran is practiced... THIS IS the USA.. and he swore and oath to uphold the laws of THIS LAND, not sharia crap law. IDIOT! I'd be ashamed to live in that dump city.
Feb 24 2012 13:52:05: Mark Martin is a disgrace to American Jurisprudence and should resign immediately.