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Brunswick General District Court

Phone 434-848-2315
Map Google Map
Mailing Address Brunswick General District Court
202 North Main Street, Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Street Address 202 N Main St, Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Fax 848-2550
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Elaine Maitland is the Brunswick Court Clerk.
About the area
Brunswick County has a population of about 19,000 people. Interstate-85 and US Route 1, US Rt 58 and Route 46 pass through the County. Brunswick County Museum is located at 228N Main Street and is walking distance from the Courthouse. Main Street is a major thoroughfare and has many commercial establishments. Otherwise, the place is largely rural. In fact, it is one of the top tobacco producing counties in the country, and is just north of North Carolina.
Hours of Operation Brunswick Traffic Court Session Hrs are on third and fourth Thursdays. Business Hours : 8am to 4pm.
Presiding Judges Theodore Burr Jr and Kenneth Nye
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets from I-85, Route 1, and Route 58 DWIs too, all feeding the Brunswick Traffic Court maw.
Tips from Lawyers
Other Courts in Brunswick County: Lawrenceville Magistrate; Brunswick Circuit Court

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Old Comments about Brunswick General District Court (hide)

Apr 13 2012 03:11:39: please do not make Brunswick a speeding mill. Help, inform your officers, it is wrong to have sucH a bad rep
Apr 04 2012 03:17:01: bitch answer the phone!!!
Jan 29 2012 02:32:29: Burnswick county survives off handing out tickeTs... It's a one horse nothing town.. Waiting to pull anyone over and secure there financial future by handing out bogus tickets... Then the hodge who is a part of the scam acts as if he's doing you a favor by reducing a reckless driving ticket to speeding... Guess what the fine is exactly the same amount for both charges.... BOGUS....
Jun 13 2011 21:08:59: impossible to get through. Line constantly busy. Was told 3 counties or courts came into the one line. No wonder no one can get through. I have tried all day long! For days! Very unprofessional.
Jun 01 2011 21:45:13: I, along with most of the traveling public on US 58 on 27 May '11, was stopped and issued a citation for "window tint" by an overzealous Deputy. It was a ticket mill, in as much as there were 5 cars pulled over in front of me, and while I sat there waiting for Deputy Doright (not his real name) to write up the summons, 3 other cars were pulled for "something". A $61.00 Court Cost, added to the actual fine (somewhat less for agrivated window tint) makes sure the local government is funded until the next ticket party is held. What a sham way to promote highway safety.
Dec 30 2010 01:39:36: The officers look like they just graduated from the academy and are eager to hand out tickets. I received a ticket from a "Trooper" for an expired inspection sticker. I called the Brunswick District Court to settle the tickets fine, but no one would ever pick up the phone when I need to talk to someone in person. Very aggravating.