NJ Motorist Stopped for Driving Too Slowly

Probable Cause for Drugs and Gun found in Vehicle

Driving too fast in New Jersey can get you a speeding ticket.  Driving too slowly can also get you a ticket in New Jersey.

Recently, police in Byram, New Jersey stopped a car for driving too slowly in the left lane of a highway, which is a violation of N.J.S.A. 39:4-82, "Failure to Keep Right."  The alleged slow driving incident gave the police gave police the opportunity to look inside the driver's car.  After noticing a small amount of marijuana in the car, most likely in plain view, police searched the car and also found drugs, CDS paraphernalia, and a gun.

The driver and three passengers were reportedly charged with a variety of offenses including unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of CDS with intent to distribute.  The criminal charges are indictable offenses in New Jersey, which are similar to serious felony charges in most states.
What started as cautious driving turned into a police motor vehicle stop, a traffic ticket, and criminal charges which can carry 5 - 10 years in jail.

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                                       “NJ Motorist Stopped for Driving Too Slowly"