Flemington to Redesign Traffic Circles

State Effort to Reduce Car Accidents

The State of NJ plans to redesign or eliminate the Flemington traffic circles and replace them with safer intersecting roadways.  The middle circle, where Main Street intersects Route 12, is the first project, and the larger "Flemington Circle", where Route 31 crosses U.S. 202, is next.

The Flemington traffic circles give right-of-way to vehicles on the larger road.  Route 12 traffic passes through the two smaller circles without yielding, and U.S. 202 traffic passes through the big "Flemington Circle" without yielding.

Traffic circles were popular for New Jersey roads designed in the 1920s and 30s, however,  the state has begun to eliminate the circles in recent years.  The reason for such elimination is that traffic circles were not designed for today's vehicle speeds and traffic volumes.

Flemington's middle circle will be converted into a "roundabout", where vehicles already in the circle have the right-of-way.  Cars approaching the circle will have to yield before entering the new traffic pattern.

Presently, Route 12 traffic can drive through the intersection without yielding.  If Flemington adds mandatory yield signs at its redesigned circles, police could ticket drivers who fail to yield when approaching the new roundabouts.

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                                            “Flemington to Redesign Traffic Circles"