NJ Bicyclists To Get Additional Road Room

3 Foot Motorist Buffer Legislation Pending

Tired of swinging your car to the wide left to avoid hitting a bicyclist to your right?  It may soon the the law in New Jersey.

A proposed New Jersey state Senate bill requires motorists to give a 3-foot buffer when passing a bicycle on the road. The spirit of the proposed law is to make people more aware of bicyclists on the road. If approved, New Jersey would become one of many states to have a three-foot buffer law for bike riders. 

There are thousands of accidents in New Jersey every year involving motor vehicles and bicycles.  Some accidents result in deaths and serious injuries.  A new law giving protection to bicyclists could expose New Jersey drivers to traffic violations.  It is unclear if the proposed 3-foot buffer law will carry NJMVC points, which typically lead to higher insurance costs for New Jersey drivers.

The proposed 3 foot bike lane law may prove difficult to enforce but is a step in the right direction to protect the safety of bicyclists and drivers.  A simpler solution may be to build 3-foot bike lanes for the bicyclists so everyone is protected.    

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                                          “NJ Bicyclists To Get Additional Road Room"