Alcohol Breath Test Proposed at East Windsor Regional School

Teen Breathalyzer Tests for Proms and School Functions

Teens who appear intoxocated may need to take a breathalyzer test to attend the prom or other school function.

School board members from the East Windsor Regional district have introduced a policy that would allow the district to administer Alcotest or Breathalyzer tests to students attending school-sponsored events.  The board is expected to vote on the subject policy at its February 9, 2009  meeting.
Apparently too many teen students have been showing up for school events under the influence of alcohol, officials said at a recent school board meeting.
The proposed policy will require that each student entering a school-sponsored dance or prom "may be required to submit (to) a breathalyzer test as a condition of admission."
The East Windsor Regional school district is concerned about students driving to or from these events under the influence of alcohol ["DUI"].
It is not known how many New Jersey school districts have instituted breathalyzer policies,  but 29 disctricts have instituted random drug testing for teens.

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“Alcohol Breath Test Proposed at East Windsor Regional School"