Governor Corzine vs. The Who

The Kids Are Not Alright

On April 16, 2009, New Jersey Governor Corzine signed a bill into law requiring teenage drivers to display decals on their vehicles identifying them as young drivers.  The spirit of the new law is to reduce teenage driver accidents by alerting other drivers that a young driver may be next to them on the highway. 

The new teenage driver decals will be orange in color and affixed to the front and rear license plate of the young driver's vehicle.  Law enforcement officials will also be paying close attention to such decals.

Over the past 2 years, New Jersey has enacted various measures to curb teenage driver accidents.  Provisional license holders, typically teenage drivers, can no longer receive zero NJMVC point downgrades in New Jersey Municipal Court matters.  In addition, stricter teenage driver curfews, passenger limits, and banned cell phone use have also been enforced.

Hopefully the stricter driving guidelines will reduce teenage motor vehicle accidents throughout New Jersey.  Stricter adult driver guidelines may be coming to New Jersey as well. 

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                                                      “The Kids Are Not Alright"