No More 0 Point Plea Bargains for NJ Provisional License Holders

NJ Teen Drivers Limited in Municipal Court Downgrades

In a memorandum dated September 17, 2008, Anne Milgram, Attorney General of New Jersey, directed that municipal prosecutors may not enter into plea agreements which result in non-point violations for cases involving defendants who have a NJ provisional driver’s license (GDL).  The new plea bargaining ban will help to enforce the mandatory driver improvement program that holders of NJ provisional driver's licenses must attend after receiving 3 or more NJMVC penalty points.  By receiving non-point plea bargains, NJ provisional driver's license holders were able to avoid attending such driver improvement program.

The plea bargaining ban for NJ provisional driver's license holders [typically NJ teenagers] will continue indefinitely.  Interestingly, the subject plea bargaining limitation does not appear to ban lower NJMVC point downgrades [eg., 5 NJMVC points down to 2 NJMVC points] for NJ provisional driver's license holders.

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                     “No More 0 Point Plea Bargains for NJ Provisional License Holders"