Washington Man Pays Traffic Ticket with Coins Mixed with Urine

No Federal Laws Broken

47-year-old Michael Harold Lynch, of Bellevue, Wash., was so incensed at receiving a speeding ticket that he allegedly placed $206 of change into a plastic bag, soaked it in urine and mailed it to the violations bureau of the Multnomah County, Washington courthouse.

Local law enforcement authorities called a U.S. postal inspector to see if federal law had been broken, and learned that it's not against the law to mail a box of bodily fluids, as long as it's properly packed and doesn't emit an obnoxious odor before it is opened.

Lynch had been ticketed by Portland police for driving 19 mph over the posted 35 mph speed limit in a construction zone. Lynch apparently ignored the ticket and missed a court date to fight the ticket. An extra $65 in fees was added to his ticket. The alleged box later arrived at the court with payment of a pile of coins that allegedly reeked of urine.

Such odious payment was refused by the court and returned to Lynch.

The lesson here is that there are better ways to express one's disagreement with a speeding ticket. Such as retaining experienced counsel to defend one's rights in court!

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                 “Washington Man Pays Traffic Ticket with Coins Mixed with Urine"