Speed in work zone, a very expensive ticket!

work zone speeding tickets are very costly

There are still a number of highway construction projects going on in the Albany, New York area.  The construction zone running from exit 23 to exit 24 on the New York State Thruway (I90) has been in place for most of the year. Sadly there has been a number of speeding tickets issued in this area for the Guilderland Town Court, Albany City Court-Traffic Part, and the Princetown Town Court.

If you are a New York licensed driver ticketed for traveling more than 10 miles per hour, but less than 20 miles per hour over the posted work zone speed limit, a conviction of New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1180(f) will cost you 4 points on your license, a double fine (usually $300 to $400) and a potential insurance increase.  A second work zone speeding conviction in the same 18 month time period will cause your license to be suspended!  All this can be even worse if your ticket is for speeding greater than 20 miles per hour over the posted limit as you will now have to pay the New York State Driver's Responsibility Assessment (starts at $300).

Work zone speeding tickets can be very expensive but there is hope.  If your ticket is in the Albany New York area, you license is clear of any violations and the ticket was not issued in connection with an accident, a skilled speeding ticket lawyer can most likely get you a deal to save you some the high risks and costs involved. 

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