Driving While Intoxicated in New York State

What You Need To Know

New York State’s Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) laws and penalties are some of the most stringent in the United States and have grown even more severe in recent years. As a result, it is absolutely critical to obtain the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney to help you deal with the overwhelming legal and financial consequences of an arrest and DWI related charges that you might be facing.

As a matter of law and due to standardized prosecution policies, there is very little leeway for those facing DWI charges to negotiate plea deals to lesser charges with lighter penalties. However, the sooner that you consult an attorney, the more beneficial it will be for you in attempting to pursue all possible legal options open to you.
If this is your first DWI or alcohol-related offense, there is a strong possibility for a reduction to a non-criminal plea, such as DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). Also, depending on the facts of your situation and the evidence against you, an experienced attorney may even be able to successfully litigate your case and avoid a conviction altogether. If this is not your first offense, a qualified lawyer will be even more crucial to defending your rights and negotiating the most favorable outcome.
More specific legal advice will depend on the facts of your situation. And certain types of facts, if discovered early, could prove critical to obtaining the best possible outcome in your case. Thus, it highly recommended you consult a seasoned attorney who is experienced in handling DWI cases and who is prepared to aggressively defend your legal rights.
These days, however, attorneys and firms that focus primarily on DWI defense can be too costly for many people. What you need is an attorney with reasonable rates, but who also has the professional experience to handle your case.
The Law Office of Lorenzo Napolitano has successfully represented many clients on DWI related charges and negotiated numerous reductions throughout the courts of Monroe and surrounding counties. I am experienced in taking full advantage of every legal possibility my client’s case might present and am also prepared to take matters to trial when it is in my client’s best interest.
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