Lawyers Directory Terms of Use

Our rights, your rights, copyright, and who knows what else

We (SpinJ Corporation) are a small company still figuring out what we're doing, so the whole terms of use thing may be imperfect.

1. Our rights - We can do whatever we want. It's our site. We can kick you off the site if we want for whatever reason. We can refuse to accept you as a member, especially if we don't like you. Please keep in mind also that we just started this club and we don't know how it's going to work. So we might make changes to the site.

2. Your rights - None really. We will try to make this site very useful for our lawyer members and we will try to be as fair as possible. This is only going to work if we do a good job of satisfying the lawyers who join. But joining the club gives you no rights at all. Sorry if you don't like that, but we need flexibility to make the site work well. With that said, it has been our practice that if we make a change to the site and a lawyer wants out, we will refund what you've paid pro-rata for the amount of time left. For example, if you paid $120 and you quit after 2 months, with 10 months remaining, we'll refund $100.

3. Copyright: The court directory section of the site is copyrighted by us. We also claim intellectual property rights in the site's look and feel, manner of operation, software, etc. Your profile and any articles you write are copyrighted by you. By putting them on the site you give us license to display them. Generally we will not edit your profile or articles, but we reserve the right to make changes or delete things. We really don't like ALLCAPS. It's shouting. Also, if someone complains about your content (see the Flag Content link on the left side), we might edit or delete your stuff because we might be scared that someone is going to sue us.