Where to Find Legal Discussion on the Internet

Laying Down the Law. Various discussion forums and other conversation sites about the law.

City, state, or federal governments establish laws that govern civilization. Legal documentation has been created in printed documents found in congressional libraries or legal libraries. Law as a science represents values and power. The law may create more opportunities then science, but others comment there is distinction between the two, or that science and the law has no place in scientific debates. The evolution of law on the Internet allows these types of discussions. Legal education has evolved from being solely available to law students, professors, or lawyers to being accessible to the average person. As society evolves with technology so does law. Listed below are communities and blogs that encourage legal discussion:

  • Law Info – Legal Discussion with 872 law topics.
  • Slash Legal- Legal support dialogue among lawyers, self-representation, and law enforcement.
  • Free Advice- Free legal advice from the forum or legal database.
  • Law Guru- Knowledge Data base for submitting questions and receiving legal answers.
  • Expert Law – Forum that covers over a hundred legal topics and participants can find legal help.
  • Roinger Legal- A public forum maintained by Rominger Legal on law, investigations, and experts.
  • The Law- An online community of lawyers and non lawyers can share legal information.
  • World Law Direct- A community of law forums with over 6000 topics and solutions.
  • Jersey- Local New Jersey forum where people can discuss New Jersey legal issues.
  • Lawyers-Chat with a lawyer for legal education and share legal advice with your peers.
  • Palidan- A legal exchange that provides articles and a legal forum.
  • Fraud Watchers- Where people who have been scammed or want to stop scammers share experiences and legal issues that pertain city, state or federal scam legislation.
  • Free Legal Advice- A forum for getting answers to legal problems, researching legislation codes, and national laws.
  • Cousel- The public can receive advice from a lawyer or participate in current legal discussions.
  • Lawyer Central – Carl E. Jaeckel Attorney at Law PC sponsors the legal forum to offer free legal advise and discussion.
  • Legal Match- Legal Match not only helps you find a lawyer, but it also has a legal forum community.
  • Blawg- Legal Blogs, podcast, and news forums.
  • Find Law- Legal blogs about consumer law, legal news, and business law.

About County Court

Our site is a directory of traffic and criminal courts, organized by state and county. Some of the busiest courts include:

Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas in Cleveland

Fresno County Court in California

East Los Angeles Court which is, well, in the eastern part of that city we guess.

Van Nuys Superior Court also in that area

Pierce County Superior Court in Washington State

Tacoma Municipal Court in the same city

DC Traffic Court in our nation's capital

Rocky River Municipal Court in Ohio - home of the I-90 speed trap

Austin Municipal Court in the great state of Texas!

San Antonio Municipal Court nearby

Fairfax County Court in Virginia