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One of the longest serving judges is the Hon. Joseph Teresi. He has a bit of a reputation for being mean, angry or crazy, but it is undeserved. He does like things done a certain way, but if you work with him he's one of the best you'll ever encounter. Judge Teresi knows the law as well as anyone, and when you have a good case you'll appreciate him holding the other side accountable if they try to play games.<br> There have been a number of great judges in Albany Supreme in the recent past, including Hon. Thomas Keegan (retired), Hon. Bernard (Bud) Malone (serving in an Appellate Court), and Hon. Harold Hughes (retired).
NYS Supreme Court, Albany County, is one of the most important courts in the state. Much litigation takes place within this court because so many state agencies are in Albany. Historically most Albany County Supreme Court work has been in the Albany County Courthouse, which is next door to the Court of Appeals (the state's top appellate court). However, the building has been undergoing extensive asbestos abatement for years. Various judges have their chambers here or in other locations, including the Judicial Center, Chapel Street, and State Street. <br> Other key courts in Albany County include:<br> <a href="">Albany County Court</a> which is in the Judicial Center just downhill from here.<br> <a href="">Albany Traffic Court</a> in city hall at 24 Eagle.<br> <a href="">Albany Criminal Court</a> about a mile south.<br> and <a href="">Colonie Town Court</a>, one of the busiest town courts in the state.
Quite a few, including regular justices and judges from the Court of Claims who are designated "Acting Supreme". Generally a strong bench.
Since they handle civil cases, Albany Supreme Court has no prosecutor.
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