Webb City Municipal Court

Mailing Address:
Box 30, Webb City, MO 64870
Street Address:
200 S. Main St., Webb City, MO 64870
US 71 Bypass, SR 171 and SR D pass through Webb City and SR 249 makes a brief incursion into the Eastern part of town.
The Webb City Historical Society Clubhouse doubles as a museum. The exhibits here are in display cases which hold such items as historic items from Webb City's zinc and lead mining history, popular local landmarks of the past, the Southwest Missouri Railroad Company whose electric rail cars provided a link to surrounding communities in the early 20th Century and from the early Webb City Sentinel newspaper. The walls in several rooms display of cartoon works by the late Nic Frising, which provided commentary on local events in the Webb City Sentinel. The photographic work of the Sentinel owner are displayed on other walls. There are some interesting items in King Jack park. One of Missouri’s oldest steel bridges, the Georgia City Bridge built around 1871, was brought to Webb City and joined with the King Jack Park walking trail. The 10 foot tall Kneeling Miner commemorates the city’s early 20th century history of lead mining. You can take a ride on Old Streetcar No. 60, a fully restored 1893 streetcar which rumbles around the tracks in King Jack Park the second Saturday of the month or by appointment. The old Prosperity Junction streetcar depot sits at the entrance to King Jack Park and houses a display on the Southwest Missouri Electric Railway Streetcar Depot, The old Prosperity Junction streetcar depot has been reconstructed at
Hon. Mark Elliston who serves in several of the municipal courts in this area.
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