Nassau County Traffic Court

Mailing Address:
Nassau County Traffic Court
Sixteen Cooper Street, Hempstead, NY 11550-4063
Street Address:
16 Cooper St, Hempstead, NY 11550
The Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is the <strong>Nassau County Traffic Court</strong>. It is an unusual creation, and the only court of its kind in the state of New York (until the new <a href="">Suffolk County Traffic Court</a> opens on April 1, 2013). As the name suggests, this traffic court handles a lot of the speeding tickets and other traffic infractions and parking violations in Nassau County, maybe most of them. You do have to show up for certain kinds of cases, like repeat offenses, leaving accident scenes, passing large yellow vehicles with children and flashing lights, and other abnormally naughty behavior - they want to have a chance to yell at you.
The NCTPVA is located in Hempstead which incidentally is the most populous town in the state of NY and also in the country. The Hempstead Golf and Country Club is a 5 minute drive from the courthouse. Mercy Medical Center is the closest hospital and is about a mile from the heart of the township. Molly College and Hofstra University are in the vicinity too. County Routes 24 and 102 run through the area. Southern State Parkway is about a mile away. The county, being rather large and heavily populated, also has a substantial diversity. Lots of very wealthy people, some pockets of poverty and minorities, often both, but mostly a very well-off area.<br>Sorry to say this but the Nassau Traffic Court is not in the most attractive building. Time for an upgrade.
Parking and traffic tickets are the staple diet of the Traffic Court, but that must not be a surprise.
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