Culbertson Court

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Box 421, Culbertson, MT 59218
Street Address:
307 Broadway Avenue, Culbertson, MT 59218
Culbertson Court includes Culbertson Justice Court and Culbertson City Court, both of which are in the fifteenth judicial district of Montana. Civic and traffic infractions occurring in the Eastern half of Roosevelt county, outside the Culbertson city limits, are handled in the justice court. The Eastern half of the county is generally considered to be the area East of Brockton. US 2 cutting across the county meets SR 16 in the Eastern part of the county and SR 200 runs for a short distance in the Southeast corner. US 2 and SR 16 cross in Culbertson.
The beginning of this town coinsided with the arrival of the railroad in this area around 1887. With the demand for cavalry mounts by military posts, horse ranching was an important part of the town's economy. This was soon replaced by large scale cattle ranching and farming created by the new homesteaders. Today grain, cattle and oil production are significant contributors to the town's economy. The museum in Culbertson is a wonderful place to experience the history of the area from the early days of the 1890's to the 1940's. The exhibits take you back to those days with the display of actual cowboy pioneer and homesteader artifacts and photographs in various settings. The settings are reminiscent of a doctor's office and drugstore, homesteader kitchen, barber and beauty shop, country church, a general store and post office, blacksmith shop, old schoolhouse, farm and ranch, train depot and old time saloon. Other displays include Military memorabilia, a chuckwagon, Great Northern caboose and a stagecoach. Recreational facilities in town include a new sports complex and a swimming pool.
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