Burley District Court

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1559 Overland Ave. Rm. 106, Burley, ID 83318
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1559 Overland Avenue, Burley, ID 83318
Burley District Court is formally known as the Cassia County District Court and it and the Cassia county magistrate court, which is located in the same building, are in the Fifth judicial district of Idaho. In Cassia county you have a choice of driving on IS 84, IS 84 bypass, US 30, SR 27, SR 77 and SR 81 all of which pass near or through Burley.
At one time emigrants traveling on the Oregon Trail passed through this area. The first known settler in Cassia County was a 22-year old man from Maryland who settled in the Raft River area during the Winter of of 1866 with a herd of cattle and a bunch of cowboys. Cassia county was established in the Winter of 1879 by an act of the Idaho territorial legislature. The Cassia County Fair held in Burley in August is where the folks who have been sewing and growing all year long come to show off their products. In addition there is the livestock exhibits and carnival rides and other exhibits. Don't leave here without seeing the Professional Rodeo Cowboys association sanctioned rodeo. A few miles West of Burley you can find the Milner Historic Recreation area along the Snake River. There are several recreational sites along the shores of the river and the surrounding area is known to be a nesting area for songbirds and waterfowl. Anglers have caught bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, and trout in these waters.
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