Shoshone District Court

Mailing Address:
One Eleven W. B St., Ste. C, Shoshone, ID 83352
Street Address:
111 W. B Street, Shoshone, ID 83352
Shoshone District Court is also known as the district court of Lincoln county and the Lincoln county magistrate court is located in the same building. They are both in the Fifth judicial circuit of Idaho. You can drive through Lincoln county on US 26, US 93, SR 24 or SR 75 and they all come together near Shoshone.
This county which was named for President Abraham Lincoln lost part of its land to the formation of Gooding, Jerome and Minidoka counties. Shoshone is in an ideal location with many natural attractions around it. There are the Shoshone Ice caves, Mammoth caves, Craters of the Moon, Malad Gorge, Natural Hot Springs, Fossil Beds, Balanced Rock, the Oregon trail, Shoshone falls and Snake River canyon to see. Craters of the Moon National monument and preserve is a very large lava field with volcanic features including volcanic rifts, cinder cones, spatter cones, shield volcanoes and lava tube caves. Some plants and animals have managed to survive in this harsh environment. As you approach the Shoshone Ice Caves you will come upon a dinosaur statue with a hairy caveman on its head. There are also concrete replicas of early native residents along the path down to the cave. A new event held in this city is Basque Heritage Day in August to celebrate the Basque heritage in Lincoln county. Besides the Basque items for sale there is food, music and sheep camps all at the Lincoln County fairgrounds.
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