Malad City Magistrate Court

208-766-4116, Ext. 100
Mailing Address:
Ten Court St., Malad City, ID 83252
Street Address:
10 Court Street, Malad City, ID 83252
Malad City Magistrate Court is also known as the magistrate Court of Oneida county. The district court oif Oneida county meets in the same building as this court but on an as needed basis. The courts are in the Sixth judicial district of Idaho. The major roads available in Oneida are IS 15, IS 84, SR 36, SR 37 and SR 38.
With the origin of some of the settlers to this being Oneida, New York; when the county was established around 1864 it was named for that county. At about the same time several settlers from Utah started a community based on irrigated farming where Malad City now sits. Fisherman are attracted to Oneida county where they can drop their lines in one of the nine reservoirs in the county. Trophy sized trout can usually be caught in Daniels reservoir and several of the other reservoirs are known for their Kokanee Salmon. Pebble Creek ski area has trails for snowmobiling, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. To celebrate the Welsh heritage and ancestry of many of the residents in Malad valley and to carry on the tradition of thew eisteddfod; the an annual Malad Valley Welsh festival id held here late in June. The eisteddfod was an annual cultural arts event which goes back at least 900 years.
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