Ventura Superior Court

805-654-2611 (traffic/criminal)
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Ventura Traffic Court
Eight Hundred South Victoria Avenue , Ventura, CA 93009
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800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA 93003
Despite being known as the Hall of Justice, few superheroes have actually been seen here in Ventura Superior Court. Sure, some of them thought they were superheroes, or supervillains, but they're just delusional.<br/> With few other locations, this County of Ventura Superior Court House is where just about all of it happens.
Ventura is surrounded with the Ocean, Mountains and Parks, so imagine the kind of outdoor recreation you can get into while you are here. About 14 miles away from the shore is the Channel Island famous for Kayaking, diving and the park area surrounding is an ideal haven for hiking and biking. Downtown Ventura is a mix of unique boutiques and architecturally beautiful buildings. There are Victorian style Inns and is also dotted with ultra state of the art wine and dine restaurants. The harbor looks rugged with rocks bordering it but beyond this facade is a soft and welcoming city. The Harbor village has many stage shows, street musicians and pavement stalls selling tasty food. It is a typical village setup and of course the expensive antique shops and boutiques are there too! Waterfront as usual will have something to do and there is boardwalk on the beach, and plenty of other things besides that. By nightfall the waterfront transforms into a magical place glowing bright against the night sky!
Ventura Superior Court has too many judges to list
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