Joshua Tree Superior Court

(760) 366-5775
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6527 White Feather Road , Joshua Tree, CA 92252
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6527 White Feather Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
It's not a good idea to listen to the U2 Album <i>The Joshua Tree</i> on your iPod while you're sitting in the Joshua Tree court. You might not hear your name.<br>Note that we were incorrect in the past. Kelly Reyes is not a judge, but rather a Supervisor.
The Joshua Tree National Park is a desert park and actually is quite different from any other National Park in the United States. From a distance you cannot even derive a hint that there could be any vegetation and might only think that it is home to Rattlers and mountain cats. A closer look by hiking or going in a ATV will only prove you wrong for the amazing and most colorful fauna that you are bound to discover. In a nut shell there are plenty of such hidden adventures in this city. Many photographers flock this place to picture wild flowers and animals and also the desert night skies. You get panoramic views of the night sky and it is strongly suggested that you camp in the national park. Purely a long weekend getaway and a short holiday getaway this city has plenty of other things to do too. Within the city there is a small but an active downtown with several options fro dining and shopping.
Hon. trio of Cortez, Powell and Welch, or so we hear.
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