Colonie Town Court

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Colonie Town Court
312 Wolf Road, Latham, NY 12110
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312 Wolf Road, Latham, NY 12110
Colonie Town Court is extremely busy. Expect to be there for 2-3 hours (even for attorneys). Showing up late is usually not bad for attorneys, but is a little risky if it turns out to be a slow night. <br>There are two courtrooms and you need to make sure you know which one is for your case. The smaller one on the right is generally criminal and the larger one on the left is generally traffic, but your mileage may vary. <br>Some fines must be paid at the time of the plea, or the Court will not accept the plea deal. Attorneys can sometimes get their clients 2-4 weeks to pay fines, and can negotiate traffic tickets with the Town Attorney by mail. The judges occasionally reject plea deals on speeding tickets. They usually have a good reason. Colonie Town Court also happens to be one of the top town courts in the state in revenue, perhaps a dubious distinction.
Colonie is one of the most populated municipalities in the Capital Region of New York State, with about 90,000 residents. The town has a strong commercial economic base. Major highways in Colonie include I-87 (the Northway), Route 5 (Central Avenue), Route 9 (Loudon Road) and Route 7 (Troy-Schenectady Road). Also quite a nice place to live, with some pricey real estate in places like Loudonville. The town has a rather large population, rivaling the City of Albany with both over 90,000 people.
Hon. Norman Massry, Hon. Peter G. Crummey, and Hon. Andrew Sommers. All are good judges. Crummey can be particularly lively and has a sense of humor.
Criminal matters, including DWI, are prosecuted by the Albany District Attorney. Anthony Cardona is usually one of the ADAs, and there's usually one more with great variation. The DAs office moves people around so the names and faces change frequently At this writing in November of 2010 it's Lindsay Jacobs, after Shannon Corbitt moved on. The DA generally negotiates only with lawyers. Colonie traffic court cases are prosecuted by Assistant Town Attorneys.
Speeding tickets (especially on the Northway), other traffic tickets, and criminal matters including DWI and AUO. Also a lot of marijuana and gun cases from the Airport.
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