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Traffic Violations Bureau - Queens North

Phone Call Center: 1-718-488-5710
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Mailing Address 2nd Floor -- TVB
30-56 Whitestone Expressway, Flushing, NY 11354-1958
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 25-00 Whitestone Expy, Flushing, NY 11354
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No plea bargaining here. Plead guilty by mail and pay the fine, or get ready to hire a lawyer. Queens Traffic Court is considered a nightmare by some. Orwell would have been amused. Maybe Kafka too.
About the area
Two traffic courts for over 2 million people. You can guess how busy that is. Flushing is a thriving commercial and residential area. College Point is a bit more residential.
Hours of Operation Call center: 8-4. Court: 8:30-4:00; until 6 on Thursdays.
Administrative Law Judges, of questionable independence, handle speeding tickets and other traffic cases here. In certain cases the ALJ will revoke your license on the spot.
Police prosecute their own traffic cases in New York City
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets and other traffic
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Old Comments about Traffic Violations Bureau - Queens North (hide)

Mar 02 2012 03:29:39: This is one of the most unorganized systems I have ever had to deal with. I called 8 different numbers and it appears that, after getting past 7 automated systems which were utterly useless, even the phone operators you are eventually are able to get hold of have their heads up their rear ends. TERRIBLE SERVICE, glad to see our taxpayer moeny goes to good cause. No wonder everyoner is leaving NYC...
Dec 27 2010 19:29:35: How do we find out if the court is closed today; it is a blizzard. I guess I will have no choice but to reschedule online. Will this count as an reschedule or will it be not counted due to the blizzard today. I will not make it to the court in time no matter what. there is a 4 foot snow drift in my driveway and I have been digging since 5:00 am eastern
Oct 29 2010 02:18:40: They don't anwer the phone. That Black woman Judge with glassess is so useless. She does not even explain to you why she does not agree with you. She does not want to be bothered and steals money from the city of New York. Not dedicated to her job. Evil person. She bargains with the cops.
Sep 02 2010 02:57:20: a
May 29 2010 03:21:52: What are the tax payers exactly paying for with this horrible traffic court system? As everyone has said before me, where/who is the person to talk to? I'm so disgusted with this system. You think that in the year 2010, we'd have enough technology and man power to minimize headaches and make things easier for the people who are paying YOUR salaries. Get it together. Despicable.
Feb 25 2010 01:20:23: Why cant I get in touch with anyone? I have a court date scheduled tomorrow and need to know what happens if it snows????
Feb 09 2010 05:11:35: I called today 2/8/10 78 times. Spoke to 3 people but they kept giving me different extentions to put in after asked to press 1 if dialing from push button phone. The last call I was hung up on at 3:59 PM.
Jan 19 2010 01:39:14: Why is there not a contact PERSON to reach for unaswered questions?
Dec 14 2009 15:44:00: i hope i win
Nov 11 2009 21:10:29: Tried to call for hours of of operation on veterans day.Are you open or closed.Never is there a person to talk to,at least give holiday closings. thx
Nov 03 2009 02:31:52: I agree with all the comments above, I got a violation for an expired registration. I have proof of having a valid registration but there is no way I can provide this with out returning to NY from VA, Why can't this be appealed on-line and I submit the documents as evidence of a valid registration?
Jun 05 2009 01:43:07: So Stupid! You People do not know how to serve the people, I dont know how you have the right to service our tickets if your all to lazy to pick up a phone and help someone out
Jul 30 2008 22:34:00: This is ridiculous, i live out of state and been trying to change a court date and can't, all a get is a busy line
Jul 26 2008 01:37:54: have people available to answer questions..all these taxes and you can't even provide people to man OUR phones. the city belongs to the taxpayer
Jul 26 2008 01:34:59: why can't you can a person to talk to..all you get is a recording,,you cannot ask any questions. we need to be able to talk to someone