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Newark Municipal Court

Phone (973)-733-6520 or 733-8116 (per comment)
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Mailing Address Newark Municipal Court
32 Green St, Newark, NJ 07102
Street Address 32 Green St, Newark, NJ 07102
Fax 973-733-8533
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Lillian Davis is the Trial Court Director, she can be reached at 973-733-8116. Newark Municipal Court has 3 Divisions - The Criminal Division, the Violations Bureau & Traffic and the Customer Service Division located at 31 Green Street which is a new walk-in Center.
All the highways and other streets make Newark Traffic Court a big source of revenue - though it is not a very efficient way of collecting revenue.
About the area
Newark City is the largest city and the largest municipality in NJ. Despite being zoned an Urban Enterprise Zone, poverty and crime still remain a problem. Newark was recently named as being one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Newark is a densely populated city, with all of it\'s population living in just 23 square miles. NJIT (NJ Institute of Technology) and a campus of Rutgers University are located at Newark. St Michael Medical Center and University Hospital are two very good hospitals located in the city. Newark International Airport is a very busy airport in terms of passenger traffic. I-78, New Jersey Turnpike (I-95), I-280, the Garden State Parkway, US Route 1, US Route 9 and US Route 22 serve Newark. Newark is about 12 miles from Manhattan.
Hours of Operation The Criminal and Traffic Divisions are further divided into parts and have their own hours. Office Hrs: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm.
The Honorable Julien Neals is the Presiding Judge of Newark Municipal Court. Nice fellow.
Paula Dow is the big kahuna here, and their office is on West Market Street. 621-4670 is the main number. They have a lot of different units.
Type Of Cases Newark Criminal Court has cases in abundance.
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Old Comments about Newark Municipal Court (hide)

Feb 01 2012 22:55:00: My Son got a ticket from Newark never been there before he was working that day. I called the ticket office everyone was nasty on the phone did not want to help. Everyone gave one gave me attitude saying they did not care all the name lister are Ms. Estes , Ms. Mitchell, Ms Bevens or Bivens and Ms. Lewis
Aug 26 2011 02:56:24: No one answers the phones, system is backed up for years, we are left to post our angry messages, for what Corey Booker is just like Gibson, James, all talk and no action. These are way toooo many complaints about this system. Remember if it's not broken don't fix it. Well this is broken and hasn't been fixed since Gibson was mayor and we all know what he did. Corey get it together!!!!!!!!
Aug 23 2011 01:38:41: The service is the worst. The people dont show respect or interest in helping the citizens. Your calling service is trash. The only thing they care is money. You guys are the lowest level in proffessionalism. What a shame...
Nov 03 2010 01:13:58: i think this court is very unprofessional and its very frustrating when i call and i'm put on hold for an hour and still noone answers the phone. It is very frustrating
Aug 10 2010 02:37:05: This call in service is horrible. It takes entirely too long to speak with someone in customer service. Let someone own money on tickets the NMC wants the money immediately.
Jul 16 2010 13:57:39: Good luck to all of you. Remember these nightmares when it comes time to vote for more government. I am shocked that I ever got through, though that only happened once, and I have not been able to get through again. CA won't renew my driver's license now due to Newark parking tickets from 1992. YAY, Newark. What a pit. Glad I left over ten years ago.
Jul 07 2010 02:33:04: We have been trying to get information from the violation beaura. No one answer the phones, After about 3 hours online trying to get information, we finally found something. Dealing withe Newark Violations Beaura is very frustrating and time consuming. You need to get a better system on how you can help the people get information in a timely manner.
Jun 09 2010 07:40:55: The court system in the city of Newark is a joke, I left NJ in Oct.1994, 16 years ago, apparently, I was issued a parking ticket somewhere in Newark on Aug. 28, 1995, 1 year after I left NJ and established a new residents in another state. The plate number that was written on the ticket was turned in to DMV in Dover NJ in Oct 1994 before I left, and the car that the plate was on did not even match any car that I ever owned. You would think that a little common sense would go a long way........NOT, I cannot renew my lic. in my state because NO ONE and I mean NO ONE in that office cares.
Jun 02 2010 20:32:07: What city is better at extorting its citizens than Newark.Obviously it is illeagle to walk home from the bus stop as I was given a ticket for blocking public passage to add insult to injury the officer did NOT put my complete address on the ticket so I know to expect a warrant. how does a city with one of the highest revenues through the extortion of tax payers have the crumbiest work ethic and poorest public relations they bother the inocent while murderers run free ...WELCOME TO NEWARK love it or leave it
May 24 2010 22:13:01: AS my second request, please I need court date from that ticket # 102873 thanks for your understanding and services .
May 04 2010 21:08:25: For Everyone having trouble gettting through to the number that was given.. which I called and complained, and the response is because of the high volume of calls.. Lie! I tried from 8am to 9am until I got so frustrated I called the city clerks office... the number you can call to actually speak to someone is 973-733-8116 which is public information - that is the number for the court director. I hope at least i can help my fellow patrons since it seems the county does not want to.
May 04 2010 20:57:22: The phone service is absolutely horrible! This municipal court really needs to help the people. This is what we pay taxes for.. .ignorance and frustration... no wonder that city is garbage!
Apr 01 2010 00:21:03: I sent in the wrong amount for a parking ticket. A week later I sent in the additonal $10. They held my check for a month and then said I had to send an addtional $10 late fee. They blamed it on the post office. None of my other mail had a problem.
Mar 11 2010 03:04:22: I got a parking ticket, and tried to pay it online after 10 days, but it still not in system. I called the court just now, they said my ticket still not in system yet, but the court date is next monday, what if it is still not in the system on the court date? Will get addtional fine? Or I have to appear in court? It seems this court works really slow.
Feb 27 2010 09:57:27: Unbelievably stupid!!!! They are looking to make money out of you in any way possible. I was travelling in the Light Rail and forgot to get it stamped somehow but the time on the ticket says I just bought it.. He still gave me a ticket which is for once understandable but he gave me another ticket for the same amount ($74) just because i did not have my driving license with me at that moment. I mean I wasn't driving!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Anyhow i sent in a check for both the tickets and now i have a arrest warrant on me because they apparently did not receive my check and when i tell them i did sent it in they won't believe me. So now i need to pay an extra $125 to bail!! This court at Newark needs to be SUED!!!!!
Feb 27 2010 02:03:53: Is so fummy how you have review the commets first. Whay happened to FREEDOM of SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 27 2010 02:02:50: I work for a Law firm & whenever I fax an L.O.R (If they even know what that is) I could never confirm my fax. I deal with all courts all they long and Newark is the WORST!!!! The people are very rude and act like you are distubing them when you call. Sometimes I find my self on hold for an hour only to have someone pick up & then hang up. There is alot of people out here that really need a jod and will be willing to act in a proffesional matter. It seems like you hire these people right from the Welfare Work Program. Only have one word for your office GHETTO. No offense to the people that are on welafre and really need it and actually have manners and common sence.
Feb 18 2010 04:33:08: The Newark court system is the most horible that I ever have had to deal with! You call the center only to what atleast a half hour to get in touch with a live person, then you have to deal with major attitude. Also, god forbid you need to send in some type of correspondence, forget about following up!!! You will be told they receive way too much in correspondence to be able to confirm if your letter has been received or not. This is year 2010 not year 1910. With all of the money that is collected from fines and what not, it might be wise to invest in some SCANNERS. No excuses here at all!
Jan 20 2010 05:39:53: After trying for over 2 weeks to find out what I owed for a simple traffic violation, I finally got the information I needed. I've read some of the above comments, and I had a similar experience to several of you who found the receptionist curt, condescending, and unhelpful. To compound matters, my ticket was entered into the NJMCDirect system with some 3 letter code that had nothing to do with my license plate #. How they expect anyone to find this information on their own is beyond me; if I hadn't finally gotten an answer from a comparatively courteous person, I would have had to make a trip back to Newark to pay the ticket before the court date, or face additional penalties. I attended school in Newark in the 1970s, but after this experience, I'd be loathe to admit it; what a lousy way to run an office.
Dec 29 2009 23:03:23: I just called to find out where to send my violations check and after waiting 2 hours for someone to pick up the young lady was beyond rude and when i asked for the address to where to send the check she read the address so fast it was impossible for me to write it down and so politely I asked for her to slow down and she told me to go screw myself and hung up. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 23 2009 00:21:42: After a 15 minute wait to reach customer service. What you get is a level of rudeness and unhelpfulness that is unacceptable to the people of Newark who whose tax $ pay for these services.
Oct 20 2009 22:03:52: This is absolutely ridiculous. this people really do not want to work. they answer the phones when they feel like it. and disconnect the calls on purpose. What kind of court system is this... i would be ashamed just by reading all this comments.
Aug 19 2009 04:14:09: It's ironic to me how the most law-biding facilities have the poorest customer service. We tax paying citizens, with simple minded offences such as traffic tickets have to go through so much to get it fixed. We deal with the most unprofessional, uneducated, gettoist people in NJ. With so many smart, potential individuals struggling to look for a job....and all these positions being wasted by incompidant people.
Aug 12 2009 04:12:35: After a 15-minute wait someone really did answer the phone, but she was very curt and rude. Although I eventually got the information I needed, it was far from a pleasant experience. Their people need training in basic telephone manners.
Jun 23 2009 01:59:25: I cannot find my ticket, I am out of town and I want to pay it! I am trying to get information over the phone. Why those people don't work! Why they have lunch eight hours. I didn't see such service like this even in Afghanstan
Jun 23 2009 01:43:12: I called the Municiplity 8 times I have waited 20 minutes each time. NOTHING, no one answers. There is no respect for citizens
Jun 16 2009 01:19:20: Hire people who do work, because no one there works. They don't answer phones, or take out warrants that have been paid for from the computer, or give you the right court dates. it seems that a second grader can run that court better then it is being ran now. but if you miss a payment, that's when they'll work, quick to issue warrants to collect that money, but are they going to pay me for missing a days pay to go to court for a matter that has been adjudicated already?? Time and time again for the same ticket. TAKE IT OUT OF THE COMPUTER, you know that object that has keys with letters and numbers on it and a screen that looks like a T.V??? workers there are lazy and can care less about anyone other then themselves, oh it's lunch time!!!
May 29 2009 01:10:24: What is going on down there? every court municipality answers the damn phone except Newark, its just ridiculous and unprofessional, but yet if i didnt pay my ticket, they would be waiting and willing to suspend my license!!!!
May 13 2009 21:01:33: I agree with all the comments. I was on hold for an hour never got through, but i called the next morning at 8:30 and they finally picked up after 10 minutes so maybe early morning calls get answered. Good luck everyone.
May 02 2009 05:03:52: I've provided a lot of interpreting services years ago, but the court has not paid at all for years.
May 01 2009 03:48:40: my child has been arrested in nwk - no one answere the phone i fell asleep with the phone ringing into greenst 7 hours the phone was still ringing slash the budget by 30 million cancle the phone service for all 733 numbers they don't answer it any way
Apr 10 2009 01:05:59: I was told I had to talk to Ms. Bivens. I have left her 10 messages in a 14 day span regarding a serious criminal matter and have yet to receive the courtesy of a call back. The answering machine promises of a callback so I would suggest changing the message to something like......... you may as well not even leave a message and good luck with your question because it won't be answered by us. - You might want to try osmosis!!!!
Nov 04 2008 22:50:38: This is absolutely ridiculous. They might as well remove their telephone system and save the money. No one ever answers the phone. After being on hold for 30 minutes, they send you to voice mail then disconnect.Of course you never get a callback. If this keeps up, I dont think I will be voting for Booker. Someone needs to fix this simple problem. Hire someone to asnwer the phones or create a reasonable and more capable website.
Oct 31 2008 04:35:09: I was put hold for ever and when someone finally picked up the phone, they hung up because it was 4:21pm. Why is the customer service so poor?.
Jul 17 2008 10:17:42: newark municipal court call center seem like the final get on the ball.corpondence unit is better then ever
Jul 15 2008 02:22:57: ive been waiting for somebody to pick up the phone for 2 hours now. i have been callling to all week and still have not gotten through to anybody. the 733-6000 number is busy all day but if you dont pay your ticket ontime there is a penality. wow