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Norwich Superior Court

Phone 860-889-7338; Civil is 887-3515
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Mailing Address Norwich Superior Court House
One Courthouse Square, Norwich, CT 06360
Street Address 1 Courthouse Sq, Norwich, CT 06360
Fax 885-0509
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I-395 and Route 2 create plenty of traffic for the Norwich CT court house.
Former NBA star Vin Baker had a DWI case going here in the summer of 2007. Hopefully he'll get through it and do well. Always seemed like a good fellow.
Both civil and criminal are housed in the same building. Civil is the Norwich Judicial District Court, while criminal court and traffic court are Geographical Area 21.
About the area
Norwich played an important role during the Civil War and was center stage for leaders. Rich neighborhoods which have much history and beauty. The Mohegan park is the largest park in Norwich, which attracts a lot of Nature Photographers because of the natural beauty it exudes. Norwich is also a school district. Nice rivers here too: Thames, Shetucket and Yantic. Could be a law firm name too. :-)
Honorables: Fischer McMahon Randolph and Swienton
Type Of Cases Norwich Criminal Court has a traffic court for the area highway problems of course.
Tips from Lawyers
Other Courts in New London County: New London Judicial District Court

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Old Comments about Norwich Superior Court (hide)

Jul 26 2012 13:40:07: They're all crooked. LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO .
Mar 12 2012 09:59:29: The prosecutor did the excat same thing to me I even had a witness with me and he told them to get out what is this
Oct 19 2011 14:05:46: This is a friend of mines phone and he's sleeping so whatever u do don't take anything out on the owner of the phone sincerely please. The question I have to inquire about at the moment is this ; what is the best case scenario if say one guy walked to one other guys house, invited him outsidea then once outside the offender gives defender a really good beating with just his fists no weapons. Also give me the worst case scenario for the offender. From Curious
Oct 06 2011 01:29:24: 2011-06-14-21:28:56: "He thinks the cops can't do no wrong." -> "Can't do no wrong" is a double negative. -> What you are really saying is: cannot not... maybe you would win your case if you were'nt so challenged!
Sep 21 2011 01:56:22: All prosecutors are the same. If you think Norwich court is bad, try danielson or rockville!
Jun 15 2011 05:28:56: Prosecutor that I had was rude, he didn't want to listen to my side of the story at all. I could tell that before he even met me he has already made up his mind. He did not want to hear the truth of any kind. He thinks the cops can't do no wrong. Even if i tried to tell him. He was rude. You would have a better chance of just check the 'guilty' box then going to see him. Since in his eyes you are already a criminal.
Jun 14 2011 23:59:09: The most horrid court in the history. Not only was the place so disorganized, the prosecutor I had wanted to hear nothing that I have to say. Sadly the minute that I stepped into his office my case was already decided for me. Talk about injustice, this was certainly an eye opener for me. He was rude, and mean. I left in such a state of confusion that was also mixed with anger.
Jan 13 2011 23:39:07: area code is 860 not 203