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Contact Page for Schroon Town Court

Phone (518) 532.0569, but see comments
Fax 518-532-9104
Mailing Address Schroon Town Court
Fifteen Leland Avenue, Schroon Lake, NY 12870
Street Address 15 Leland Ave, Schroon Lake, NY 12870
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095

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Old Comments about Schroon Town Court (hide)

Apr 12 2012 03:54:51: completely corrupt town!
Apr 12 2012 03:54:40: biggest hick town on the planet
Apr 12 2012 03:54:01: The town of Schroon, it's "judges", and law enforcment can kiss my ass. You're all a bunch of hillbilly hicks who have nothing to do all day but scratch your ass. Your system is completely corrupt. I'm reporting you to the federal government. Brace yourself!
Oct 14 2011 07:37:30: Well, the BS charges against my friend were dismissed by Justice Strothenke even though he pleaded guilty in writing to avoid the hassle of having to drive to court from Canada. A big Kudos to her.
Mar 28 2011 05:24:07: i would like to know if any of you had officer mower i am pretty sure he made up my speed that he ticketed me for
Jun 23 2010 21:24:52: Was stopped on 87 and given a speeding ticket. The officer told me I was clocked at 84 mph. In actuality I was doing 70 on cruise-control. This town must be getting parts of its revenue from this type travesty of justice. It's a hold up.
Jun 03 2010 07:12:41: LOL! on the comment of 5-27-2009!!! I think the "Town Justice" personally added that comment! Ha Ha Ha!! Schroon is a place to be avoided at all costs!
Mar 24 2010 03:12:09: 81 in a 65... cop lied and wrote i verbally admitted doing 81 when he pulled me over. complete bullshit. was going to montreal, cop kept asking questions like it was his business.
Mar 04 2010 02:23:45: Is this judge Strothenke an attorney? Most Upstate NY judges are NOT ATTORNEYS, the law allows for it due to their minimum wage salaries. I probably earn in a quarter what the judge makes per year. So, the judge is obviously a bumbling idiot, having no legal education. On my ticket, the cop made up a speed - I knew my speed because I knew the cop was driving in front of me. but, who cares? the cops upstate are nazis (they don't realize it, but it's 100% true) and the judges are imposters. Unfortunately, NY law allows people withhout legal education to decide fate of others. Having said this, may this judge and all of the cops around burn in tartarus :) I will applaude if anyone of these peopel dies in the line of duty.
Mar 03 2010 21:34:46: dont go through schroon w any kind of aftermarket exhaust on your car.. even if u registered out of state.
Jan 15 2010 01:34:53: When I got pulled over I got a ticket for 81 in ta 75 and a broken tail light. As soon as I got home I checked my tail light and it was working for. FML
Jan 07 2010 04:35:41: I talked to three lawyers, there is a kangaroo court in Schroon Lake, the cops know it and abuse it to no end.
Jan 07 2010 04:31:02: I talked to a few lawyers, cops abuse the laws in Schroon Lake, since they can get away with anything, the court will convict anybody, the cops know that so they take advantage of it. There is no court, except for a cangoroo one!
Dec 31 2009 05:16:38: Got a ticket by Schroon on the way to Montreal Grand Prix a few years back. I live in Queens and it is a hell of a ride to get to Schroon. However, I think it was worth representing myself in court because in my case and most other cases the judge did accept a plea to a lesser charge with fewer points, unless she didn't like you. She didn't appear to like punks with attitude or people with multiple offenses. Definitely don't expect a free pass; troopers nicknamed Judge Strothenke "the Hammer". Good luck in hoping that the trooper isn't there, troop station is right down the road. I think one guy had a problem and then got lucky because the trooper thought there wasn't going to be a hearing and then hit the bar early. Unfortunately for all the other speeders and other traffic violators, the troopers are very accessible.
Dec 10 2009 00:05:07: Jean Strothenke is far from fair. Ridiculous
Nov 24 2009 02:58:04: You may have better luck contacting the court at the town office number: (518) 532-7737. Ex. 16 for the judge, ex. 17 for the clerk. They at least have voicemail.
Aug 27 2009 08:37:41: The people that run this court are an embarrassment to themselves. Sad.
Aug 11 2009 05:19:46: Well dig deep you are about to be schrooned.$80 court &160 fine for 80mph in a 65 you cant pay in any other form than credit court open 9-3m-w-f dont bother calling just sign& fax to 518-532-9104 the amount you owe will be home before you are yours truly schrooned p.s.Far from fair & just but that seems to be the American way today.
May 29 2009 04:25:47: this town and its judicial personal are bumbling idiots. they deffinatly need to get their shit together. why they feel the need to screw with people is beyond me . ill tell more about my case when its handled for fear of being singled out because of my opinion. now that is a crime! might have to get my lawyer involved to handle this one . then we will see how the good old court handles mine.
May 27 2009 22:10:20: Why don't you all just follow the traffic laws, you'll be fine and you won't have to bother the residents. You are all rude and can't drive anyway. Have any of you heard of a directional? You all get out of your vehicles and look around as if you've never seen a tree before. And the judge is fair, and a wonderful person I might add.
Apr 03 2009 21:55:08: Yes sometimes you can not reach them on the phone,just got to keep calling every other day. Also its a town trap in a time bubble,back in the day of Andy Griffith show and Lil Abner. And the cops are just plain illogical!!!!
Feb 27 2009 02:45:12: little bit frustrating to learn my driver's license is suspended in the state when I have paid in full my speeding ticket a year ago... and to be unable to reach anybody to get that cleared...
Jan 28 2009 21:54:40: Here's the scoop on the phone number. It is valid, but they are only open on M, W, F. Their hours are 8-4. I HAVE called them, and gotten completely wrong information, AND was spoken to rather rudely. Make sure that you are VERY clear with them when you do speak with them. Frustrating.
Oct 08 2008 11:08:39: That is the wrong phone number
Oct 01 2008 00:56:43: no one answers this telephone number whern it is calledi
Sep 19 2008 23:01:24: Where did the fair an brilliant judge come in.....did she write that herself<br>[Editors Note: We wrote that. Genuine? Sarcasm? You be the judge.]
Sep 19 2008 21:57:34: Why does this court even bother to advertise it's telephone number. I have been trying to reach someone all day long, on an open court business day, and I keep getting a message that tells me no one is answering my call at the moment and/or my call just gets dropped. What's the point.<br>[Editors Note: They don't advertise their phone number. We do.]
Aug 20 2008 22:28:23: Horrible and cruel court, don't get caught there
Aug 01 2008 00:00:13: Is there any good reason no one picks up the phone OR no answering machine is triggered when you dial 532-0569?
Jul 10 2008 21:11:03: If you do get a traffic ticket in the Town of Schroon, which you probably will if you go there because the cops issue tickets for made up imaginery violations, if your ticket states to be in court at 2 p.m. - don't bother showing up until 3:00 p.m. because apparently starting court on time - is not very important to the people in charge in the Town of Schroon! 2 hrs and 45 min in court for a small traffic violation!
Jun 27 2008 01:13:34: or get stopped for doing 75 on the northway - no where else in the state are you stopped at 75 on the northway. Way to go Schroon - as if it's not expensive enuf living in NY
May 27 2008 05:17:10: if you plan to visit schroon town make sure that ALL lights on your car are working specialy the licences plate because is the only COUNTY THAT DOES NOT GIVE WARNINGS 48 HOURS TO FIX IT SO THINK BEFORE YOU GO CAN YOU IMAGIN A PARKING LIGHT BURN OUT ON SATERDAY AFTER NOON AND THE GARAGES ARE CLOSED PARK YOUR CAR UNTIL MONDAY MORNING AND FIX IT BEFORE YOU GO OR IS 75.00 $ TICKET
Apr 15 2008 03:31:38: Mrs. Strothenke is a fair and brilliant judge.
Jul 13 2007 21:37:14: fax is 518-532-9104