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Contact Page for Hempstead Village Court

Phone 516-478-6254, 6257
Mailing Address Hempstead Village Court
99 Nichols Court, Hempstead, NY 11550
Street Address 99 Nichols Court, Hempstead, NY 11550
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095

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Old Comments about Hempstead Village Court (hide)

Apr 08 2010 16:02:53: The Village of Hempstead has a great number of dead beat tenants who work for the different Village offices. I am a Hempstead Village property owner who is a victim of this situation leasing my house to a Village employee under contract who has not paid rent for 8 months using her Village contacts to circumvent the eviction process. When will the village address this growing issue of abuse.
Mar 12 2010 03:31:38: To the above commenters, this is not a government website. It is privately owned, and says so at the bottom of every page. So don't blame the Village officials.
Mar 12 2010 03:21:22: where are the brains of the toilet heads that are responsible for this website. I think it is highly inappropriate as well as slanderous that they have this sight regarding Rick Lazio. Mr. Lazio is no better or no worse than any of the candidates running for office yet the irresponsible jugheads in the village of hempstead have the audacity to single out one candidate. What happened to government giving all sides of the story for all candidates and let the people make up there own minds or do they think that the people in the village of hempstead don't have any brains. They should remove this trash at once.
Feb 20 2010 02:08:11: I believe it is highly inappropriate for a governmental agency to include a link for any information negative about any governmental candidate running for office. Government are supposed to by law be bi-partisan. To put this link on your website is in clear violation of the election rules. I hope that someone has the mentality to realize this and take this stupid, insulting and down out right disgusting link off of this webpage.
Dec 16 2009 04:55:28: Editor Note: The NY state legislature does in fact tell the towns and villages what to do. The village courts operate under the Office of Court Administration. And the village is not a town.
Dec 14 2009 10:10:32: state legislator? i'm pretty sure that the NY state legislature does not decide whether the village of hempstead has a parking ticket payment system online. america's largest town would has a little more autonomy than that. contact your city legislators, folks.
Apr 27 2009 00:01:11: The website should allow for users to check if their mailed-in payment have been recieved by the court. The payment could have been lost in the mail which is what the state is good at doing.
Mar 09 2009 20:33:53: You have no idea what "real cranky" is. We deserve an apology only and not your feeble attempts at an excuse. Receiving at least 5 to 15 misdirected hang-ups and voicemails every day for more than 6 months is extremely and unnecessarily intrusive and annoying. Your little attempt at humor is also annoying. The second number which was mine, was mine for over 30 years, so if it was correct to begin with and then changed I would have been the recepient of those unwanted calls long ago and your site would have predated public use of the Internet.<br> [Editor: Our statistics show this page went live on March 15, 2007. That's two years ago, not 6 months. I am sorry about the calls. We had a comment feature on the site from the beginning so people could tell us about errors. We now have a "Flag Content" feature too, which provides another way for people to let us know. Building a website isn't as easy as it looks. We did the best we could. Never claimed to be perfect. We're even working on a mailing now to courts so they are aware of us and can advise us of errors. And I do have some idea what real cranky is. I have 2 young kids and I don't sleep much.]
Mar 07 2009 05:03:44: The Village Court phone numbers are both incorrect . The first is not in service and the second is a private residence. I know that for a fact because it is my telephone number and I get your misdirected calls all the time for the Village Court. I am very tired of this. This "service" is a dis-service.
Oct 04 2008 06:35:16: you obviously havent looked all over the internet for the hours of operation. if you go to, you will see that the court hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.
Oct 02 2008 00:13:56: How come there is no hours of operation for Hempstead Village Court located anywhere on the internet?
Sep 07 2008 04:07:48: Why not allow people to pay non-moving violations online,or better yet all the tickets on line. It will save, TIME & MONEY (paying all those unnecessary employees) I sure that Sarah Palin would agree with me. Victor Castleton, Wantagh, NY <br>Editor's comment: I suggest you contact your state legislators.