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Phone (607) 566-2093
Fax (607) 566-3602
Mailing Address PO Box 463, Avoca, NY 14809
Street Address 3 Chase St, Avoca, NY 14809
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095

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Old Comments about Avoca Town Court (hide)

Dec 04 2010 00:50:58: Just to make things clear to everyone who winds up in Avoca court: the fines ARE very high - thank the state of NY for this. The surcharge is a joke, no one in any court in the state can tell you where the money goes - no one! - again thank the state of NY. I doubt that the town itself sees much of any fine money, it all seems to go to the geniuses in Albany. As far as the comment about the "bitch" in the office, I just got off the phone with a nice lady who stayed after the office closed to make sure my son's ticket got paid so he wouldn't assess a scoflaw fine as well ($75 per ticket!), so make sure your anger is in the right direction. This lady could have told me to pound salt in my a$#, instead she was very helpful - why? - because I was polite even though I was frustrated with the ridiculous fines, surcharges, etc. (thank you Barb). I have lived in NY all my life and I hate the way we are taxed and extorted for money but when I drive by Avoca on I-390 I will slow down.
Nov 14 2010 05:33:36: I received a fine of $235 with a surchage of $85 for speeding which totals $320. Once I received the fine amount, it only gave me 20 days to pay the fine or receive a suspension of my license. It's ridiculous the short amount of time I have to pay this. I don't know who can come up with an extra $320 out of their budget in such a short amount of time, but it's not me. There should be other options given to make payments more flexible. Why can't I pay it online? What year is it there? I come from a small town in NJ and even they make it so you can at least pay online. I reserve typing what I really think of them.
Jul 06 2010 01:36:17: why do the police officers lie about when court is? Do they think they are really going to make it so I wont show up? I'm not stupid, it has the date on the ticket.....
Dec 02 2009 00:30:33: Who gives a shit what your crappy basketball team did in the 80's. Where are your hours of operation?
Nov 18 2009 03:13:15: this is a small town, i just tried to get my ticket reduced and the bitch in the office says" well there is nothing we can do" she said my option to you is plead not gulity and appear in court. OK what the hell i cant get off of work to pay for this ticket. so no i will not appear in court. thanks for not helping the situtation
Oct 02 2009 23:32:27: After reading some of the comments below it is interesting to see how diverse the fines are in various states. The responsibility is the driver's to obey the laws. Violators face the consequences and pay the fines. What is interesting that the State of NY seems to be suffering/bleeding out and thus forces this upon the citizens of the United States. The outrageaus fee structure and now additional surcharges are just a sign that this State is in trouble. Collecting revenue at the cost of its citizens does not prevent the exodus of its residents. I see that most violators will expect their fine and move on. Some will continue to break the law and will continue to make their restitutions to the authorities. However, when fee structures go beyond the ability of the violators to pay then it will become a greater issue for the State. The State government dictates to local authorities the rules so it is not these small townships blame it is ultimately a problem of the State. I recommend that everyone make the effort to appear in front of the next traffic court judge and plead the case. I tried to be reasonable by correspondence, but there just seemed to be no understanding. Good luck to everyone and I pray that we can become more reasonable in the future. Who am I kinding?
Sep 10 2009 05:40:14: An Asian friend of mine received a speeding ticket on 08/11/2009. He is due for an Avoca Town Court appearance on 09/14/2009. He would like to plead guilty and use the "Plead by mail" form. His problem is that the address on his NYS driver's license has a former address, not his current one. He wants to be certain that the court has his current address. Will the "residing at" part of "Section A - Plea of Guilty" be used as the return address, or should he submit a separate sheet of paper with his new address information. Thank you.
Jul 31 2009 19:55:46: I'm from out of state and just want to pay my ticket....why don't you just put the price on it??? Instead you make it more difficult to pay....I know what I did and now I just want to pay for it. Why don't you have a web site to see to cost of the tickets??? - [Editor's Note: Because NY can't make anything easy.]
Jul 24 2009 01:53:50: I'm curious...why wouldn't the NY traffic courts (or the local traffic courts) assess the fines for traffic violations on the citation up front? It appears that they (law enforcement) target the speeders from out of state because it's easier for the violators to just plead 'Guilty' and pay the fine. If that is the case, put the fine amount on the citation and you'd have the money faster! But you don't do that in make it easier to plead 'guitly' and then threaten to revoke licenses arbitrarily. What is the basis for this? Can a person plead guilty...but beg for leniency against points or losing a license? How do I know if it's worth my trip back up to face a judge or magistrate? I don't see this anywhere on the citation which is how I found this site. I'm very confused on the system! signed....Puzzled in PA...(where we make it easy for NY troopers to ID us as out of state since we have no front license plates!)
Jul 20 2009 14:22:50: Editor's Note: I didn't create the assessment. I was just echoing the concerns and showing how much worse things are than people realize. Sorry you don't approve.
Jul 18 2009 02:37:36: And to the editor of this web page... Why would you antagonize the person leaving the first comment by saying, "Wait til you find out about the assessment for points." Are you intentionally trying to piss people off? The truth of the matter is people aren't going to put up with this countries "legal thievery" for much longer. [Editor's Note: I didn't create the assessment. I was just echoing the concerns and showing how much worse things are than people realize. Sorry you don't approve.]
Jul 18 2009 02:07:37: You got that right look up the word extortion in the dictionary. extortion |ikˈstôr sh ən| noun the practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats. Because that is exactly what they are doing to me! Threatening to suspend my license if I don't pay by the date they say. I am from Illinois and I got a speeding ticket and a ticket for talking on the cell phone while driving up to see my dad in Webster, NY $255 dollars for the speeding ticket and $75 for the cell phone ticket with an $85 surcharge on both for a total of $500.The funny thing is I am from Illinois and they can't do anything so they can suck my fucking dick. I am guilty and would have paid the fine if they weren't so ridiculously high and with $85 dollar surcharges.
Jul 19 2008 06:33:45: Your speeding tickets are over priced! Fuck You small ass hick town! Go to hell! [Site editor's note -- the speeding ticket fines are determined by the state, not the town. And most of the money goes to the state also. Wait til you find out about the assessment for points.]