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Alhambra Superior Court

Phone Traffic: (213) 742-1928 (but see comment at bottom); Criminal: (626) 308-5525
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Mailing Address Alhambra Superior Court
150 W Commonwealth, Alhambra, CA 91801
Street Address 150 West Commonwealth Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91801
Fax (626) 570-4667 ??
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The famed Phil Spector trial got its start in the occurrence in the Alhambra courthouse, but most of the trial seemed to be in another courthouse.
Some folks may pass through Alhambra on their way to Vegas. Hopefully they don't visit North Las Vegas Municipal Court nor the Las Vegas Justice Court. But if they get out of control, well, hopefully the results will stay in Vegas.
About the area
Alhambra is less than 10 miles from downtown LA, and has less than 100,000 people living inside its borders, assuming the count is accurate. I-10 and I-710 both have some presence, leading to a fair amount of work for Alhambra Traffic Court. Put together a couple parks, a golf course, and being reasonably close to some other spots, it could be worse.
Hours of Operation 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Court holidays
Judge Mildred Escobedo, Hon. Lisa Lench, Judge David Milton
District Attorney: (626) 308-5302
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Feb 05 2012 08:24:19: STACIE MAYORAS and the jury made a terrible mistake and a prejudice one at that when they found the innocent (Jimmy Santana) guilty for a crime HE DID NOT commit. That day is going to be remembered because of the nefarious and atrocious events that will take place because of this travesty. Im sure STACIE MAYORAS is proud of herself with this conviction... she thinks she helped people and families..... little does she know that HER FALSE ACTIONS have great consequences. STACIE WHY DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BECAUSE OF THIS YOU JUST MADE MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLES LIVES TERRIBLE? YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW MUCH PAIN, DANGER, AND OTHER THINGS TO PEOPLES FAMILIES...EVEN INNOCENT ONES. THIS IS NOT A THREAT, INTIMIDATION, OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU MIGHT TRY TO FIND ME GUILTY OF EVEN THOUGH IM INNOCENT AS WELL. THIS IS THE TRUTH. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, WITH DIFFERENT CITIES AND GANGS EVERYWHERE. I AM JUS BRINGING IT TO YOUR ATTENTION. PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE PEOPLE THINK THAT WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF QUESTIONABLE MORALS.
Jun 25 2011 07:34:11: Alhambra Traffic Court Direct Phone (626) 308-5530 M - F 8:30 - 10:30 AM, 1:30 - 3:30 PM
Apr 12 2011 01:12:30: Alhambra councilmembers collected nearly $100,000 in city-paid health benefits last yearThomas Himes, Staff Writer Posted: 04/04/2011 04:14:10 PM PDT ALHAMBRA - City Council members collected close to $100,000 in health care benefits paid in full by the city last year, according to documents. Councilman Stephen Sham received the most, with Alhambra paying $26,505 in medical, dental and vision benefits on his behalf, even though his position is considered part-time. Councilman Steven Placido received the least amount in benefits, at $15,609, but even his benefits exceeded the best afforded to a full-time city staffer by more than $2,600, according to city documents. Read more:
Mar 03 2010 11:48:17: It seems that Judge Mildred has not read the bill of rights. The 8th amendment is pretty clear. Our leaders are taking your rights away and nobody says anything? Wake up America! Judge Mildrid has no more rights than any other American.
Sep 29 2009 03:58:54: I have a carpool ticket due 2mor. I cant pay. Do i ask for another extension??
Sep 28 2007 18:00:21: hi
Sep 24 2007 16:28:02: Alhambra is also accessible by the 60 freeway.