About Us
Information for Traffic Lawyers and Criminal Defense Lawyers

I'm Warren Redlich, a traffic lawyer in New York. I started this traffic court directory so people would stop calling me for directions to courts, or asking for court phone numbers, etc.

Then I discovered a lot of people were looking for information about courts, and some consider hiring a lawyer to help them with their traffic court cases. So I started putting ads for myself on the court pages. It works, and generates a lot of business for my firm.

As the directory grew, we started including courts I don't handle - in other areas and other states. So I started selling ads to other attorneys. It works for them too. Advertising on town-court.com is different from other media. Unlike the yellow pages, attorney ads on our traffic court directory are exclusive. And unlike newspapers, television and radio, the people looking at our ads are in a position where they have a relevant need.

We also try to select lawyers who are competent, and who handle the appropriate mix of cases. Over time this builds a reputation among prospective clients that this site will direct them to good lawyers. In general, advertising on our traffic court directory is most appropriate for lawyers who handle both traffic and criminal cases. We can accept advertising on a court-by-court basis, but we prefer to sell ads at the county level, or the state level for smaller states.

If you're interested in advertising on our traffic court directory, please e-mail me at wredlich@gmail.com.