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Danielson Superior Court

Phone 860-779-8480; 774-8516 is also possible
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Mailing Address Danielson Superior Court
120 School St., Danielson, CT 06239
Street Address 120 School Street, Danielson, CT 06239
Fax 779-8488
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Danielson Superior Court is host to a case that demonstrates the silliness of the drug war. In June of 2007 police in Windham arrested four men after a 6-month long investigation. They had a small amount of crack cocaine, one marijuana plant (yes, thats right, one plant), a scale for weighing things, and a whopping three hundred dollars. Makes you wonder how much it cost to conduct the half-year investigation, plus how much it will cost to prosecute these Kingpins.
Danielson Superior Court houses Criminal Court.
About the area
Danielson is a borough within the town of Killingly, but calls itself both a town and city. It strikes a balance somewhere in the middle of being a town and a city. However it has been concluded to be borough which is an apt description. Danielson is not prominent but is in news frequently because of the crime rate which is not ridiculously high or anything but within Windham County it is high in Danielson. Can�t help wondering if the name Killing had anything to do with the city.
I-395 runs through and the Lodge Pike is not far to the south. Some pleasant ponds and parks are around as well.
Booth, Calmar, & Robaina, all quite honorable of course.
Type Of Cases Public disturbances, larcenies, drug cases, and of course, I-395 speeding tickets in the Danielson Criminal Court.
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Old Comments about Danielson Superior Court (hide)

Oct 19 2011 01:53:49: Haha, wow do these guys have this area down to a T! I will outright fully backup and agree to everything mentioned, including troop d being complete a**h0le$, bringing down anything that could be considered a newsmaker, or hell, yeah- for pretty much just s#its and giggles it tends to seem like.. We have junkies walking the streets (yeah, even around here!) And yet. they'd rather waste their time on harassing us with driving infractions and setting up harmless citizens to meet their quota so they're not considered as useless as they really truely are by the higher precidence of the state of ct. Not to mention, this whole town just plain blows big considering there isn't anything here besides candle shops, tattoos and one bar that houses half of the junkie population as it is..
Aug 18 2011 10:01:12: 2011. I had to chuckle when reading "strongly suggest'' iT IS TRUE,if you know a cop okay move here. However if I had known that troop d [punk cops] was a mile away from the house that I bought & I had the knowledge I now have I would have never moved here! You will eventually be stopped for no apparent reason, they will harass you until you stand up for yourself & then they will violate you for something stupid or if they can't find anything wrong they will make up something. I stood up for myself in court & requested a jury trial so I could see the police report, unbelievable outright lie after lie. I know that Troop D has a reputation for being young aggressive punks even by other cops standards. It's a sad day when the cops are more criminal than the people their interrogating or stopping. They have way to much power & joke & laugh if they can make your life miserable they will. It's beyond "redneck" it's really very sad.
Apr 18 2011 10:37:23: hi its [omitted by editor] just viewed comments about 6 month investigation into the small amount of crack cocaine and one plant of pot trust me it has nothing to do with the war on drugs it has to do with a corrupt few employees who feel they have the right to dispense justice behind the scenes falsifying reports and controlling what gets before the judges rest easy the judges in your quiet little corner are fair and are commited to fair application of the law hopefully the honorable employees of the putnam area will ensure its residents are not soured by a few rogue meglomaniacs that threaten due process and the very rule of law i hope they take a fearless moral inventory and follow where evidence leads and not lead the evidence
Aug 25 2009 08:46:13: Strongly suggest not to move into this area unless you look just so, drive a new suv, or are friends with a cop. If you don't fit this criteria you will definitely be stopped and harassed eventually. There's always new young whipper snappers trying to put a feather in thier cap. They'll stop you on the silliest of pretense in hopes of finding some kind of contraband or try & provoke you into showing an attitude; then they'll arrest you for that.
Jul 10 2007 23:28:17: the area code is 860 not 203