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LeRoy Town Court

Phone 585.768.6910 x233, 234, 236
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Mailing Address LeRoy Town Court
48 Main Street, LeRoy, NY 14482
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 48 Main Street, LeRoy, NY 14482
Fax 585.768.2044
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The Court does accept MasterCard and Visa. As with most courts, no personal checks. Some places (such as Wikipedia) refer to the town as Le Roy, while others (including the town website) refer to it as LeRoy. We have seen correspondence from the town with LeRoy, but the return envelope had Le Roy. Make up your minds!! :-)
About the area
The Town of LeRoy is on the eastern edge of Genesee County, and includes a section of the NYS Thruway including Exit 47. The Village of LeRoy is within the town, south of the Thruway. LeRoy is supposedly the birthplace of Jello brand gelatin.
Hours of Operation 8-4:30, sessions Mondays at 1
Hon. Charles Dusen & Hon. Kermit Arrington
Genesee County District Attorney for criminal matters. There may be a Town Prosecutor, Theron E. Howard, Esq., but we're not sure - see comment. If it is him, phone: 585-768-8181, Fax: 768-8248. He's at PO Box 250, zip 14482-0250. Seems like a reasonable fellow.
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets on the Thruway, along with the usual local court fare for a town with a small population in western New York.
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Old Comments about LeRoy Town Court (hide)

Jun 14 2011 04:04:41: I received a ticket from a N.Y. State trooper while traveling down 490 west towards Leroy and fought it in Leroy town court today. The trooper started right off with a lie. He said I was irate when I never raised my voice to him during the whole 30 second conversation. I explained to the judge that if the trooper straight out is not telling the truth then how can we believe anything that comes out of his mouth? The judge "Kermit Arrington" never answered. Maybe he should retire since he could barely hear anything that was going on. He Just buried his head in a paper and acted like he was writing deep thoughts. Leroy town court is a venue for the town to legally take money from honest motorist's. Guess the Jello factory doesn't generate enough taxes for Leroy to survive. Troopers wonder why their hated so much... Anything to get money and save their worthless crap jobs... Good luck to anyone who has to go to Leroy Town court, you are always guilty no matter what the circumstance...
Dec 10 2010 06:22:48: You folks have got to know how interesting your little, subjective, talkes of traffic woes really are. We're all hanging on your next words.
Nov 01 2010 23:56:17: It has been 2 years (almost) and my plea has yet to be accepted by this back water town. To be honest I forgot about it since I almost never get pulled over. Only thing that reminded me of it (since the cop wrote the wrong address on the ticket, why bother to go to the DMV and get one of those change of address stickers on the back of your DL when the Cops don't pay attention) I mailed the ticket with the plea and forgot about it. Yeah my fault for forgeting about it. But since I found out my DL was suspended, not sure how long, but I found out about 3 months ago. I have called the court 5 times, spoke to a person once, typed up a plea after getting the ticket number and all that, mailed it in and still have not heard anything. I am so glad I am moving from this waste of real estate called NY. I wont bother to go into detail about LeRoy it would take a month of typing. Just look at how screwed up the whole state is and figure that the crap rolls down hill. Good luck finding justice in this state much less a small town court that knows there is really nothing that can be done to make them do their jobs or be held accountable for their BS enforcement of BS tickets.
Aug 12 2010 05:42:52: i hate driving through this place. may the curses of those who this town has robbed affect the judges and cops
Jul 26 2010 03:26:38: I payed 2 tickets for the amount of $125 a piece and it is now 2 yrs later and my license is suspended for lack of payment . . . I have the records from my bank but they will not accept it due to the name under the purchase on records . . . I aint payin out $350 twice because of the uneducated and dirty clerks of Leroy
Jul 16 2010 21:23:33: how is it possible to converse with your court if you never answer the phone.....
May 30 2010 02:05:41: I always find people's subjective comments about their traffic matters to be rivieting.
Jan 07 2010 03:09:37: I own a small trucking company and when STOPPED at the toll both my driver had to release his seatbelt to reach down and get toll ticket, he was given a ticket for NO SEATBELT... are you f'n kidding me?? All my 5 trucks have been told NOT to go thru this area unless absolutely necessary, and NEVER to purchase a damn thing. Town of LEROY you can bite me.
Oct 31 2009 22:59:03: I was pulled over by the State Police. I honestly answered “no” when asked by the officer if I knew why I was being stopped and was dumbfounded when he told me because I have a clear cover on my front license plate (which I have had on all of my cars for more than 25 years of driving). After being detained for about 15 minutes the Trooper returned to my car with a ticket for my offence. Incredulous, I went to court in Leroy to follow this through in person where I could bear witness to the wheels of justice. During my hour in court I was offered the option of a plea bargain to a parking ticket where I would pay a fine between $5 and $150 or I could plead not guilty and receive the same fine plus an $85 surcharge. Bottom line, the fine was $75. I am disgusted by this roadside holdup by the NYS Police and the statement it makes about who they are. As for Genesee County, I travel through twice per week and I will not purchase so much as a cup of coffee within your county. You already have my $75.
Sep 02 2009 01:52:04: lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of crack. how are you still alive?
Sep 02 2009 01:51:38: if you think i'm paying $160 for a ticket for talking on my cell phone, you are smoking (lots of) crack.
Jul 31 2009 21:55:51: The town prosecutor information is wrong. Please contact the court directly for that information. The fax number is incorrect as well.