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Rochester Traffic Court - Traffic Violations Bureau

Phone (585) 232-2340, but 518-474-0941 might work better
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Mailing Address Rochester Traffic Court
Fifth Floor, Sixteen East Main St.**, Rochester, NY 14614
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 16 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614
Fax 232-1189 (may have stopped working)
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Really known as: Traffic Violations Bureau - Rochester, or Rochester TVB, but face it - it is a traffic court.
About the area
Who can find room to drive fast in Rochester? It is a pretty crowded city, but I guess those college kids will always find a place to get some speeding tickets. Especially if they get on the Inner Loop and try to drive around so fast they go back in time. To be fair to the youth, there are plenty of college graduates who speed too. High school kids too.
Hours of Operation 8:30-4
Some folks imported from the DMV act as judges. They are called ALJs, but we refuse to translate that.
The cop fights with the judge over who gets to be tougher on you.<br>** Court may have moved to this new address recently.
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets within the City of Rochester, including I-490 and the Inner Loop. Criminal traffic matters like DWI go to Rochester City Court.
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Old Comments about Rochester Traffic Court - Traffic Violations Bureau (hide)

Feb 17 2012 00:54:51: Rochesters' Public Services SUCK DICK
Feb 17 2012 00:53:04: hours of operation 8-4 30 are you kidding me!!!! why be open when the people who have to pay the tickets are at work, and on top of that You cant call these idiots because they dont answer a phone, I guess they want me to have to take a Day off or just let my Ticket amount increase because the NY crooks, or County officials tack on a 70 dollar surcharge every 21 days, and the money goes right into State pockets, who do you county, city, and federal law makers think you are...You think your above the law and think it's funny when you have to disrupt someones life and time, Thats why you people have the highest rate of being killed at work, because you Fuck with the public, instead of help them...This system is incompetant, as well as everything that goes with it...Crooks to the 3rd power!!!
Oct 20 2011 02:36:45: Wow... those who previously left comments weren't kidding. This IS a joke... and not a funny one at that. This is what it's come to in our governmental agencies: lies, bureaucratic bullshit and nonsense. I guess I'll take this to the media... AND I CAN'T EVEN LEAVE A FUCKING MESSAGE AFTER IT RINGS FOR 3 SOLID MINUTES AND THEN "PICKS UP"?!?!?! REALLY?!??!!?? WOW... YOU GUYS ARE THE PINACLE OF WHAT'S WRONG IN GOVERNMENT TODAY.
Dec 29 2010 22:05:51: sounds like a good place to ge a job.answering phones howmany do u need
Sep 08 2010 23:34:15: Dont call tvb.. it better to walk in because they will not answer the phone...
Aug 26 2010 14:24:33: why dont yea let anybody no when there license is about to be suspended??? nor answer the phone and why are the perople there so rude ?? and how do you speak with to help you get things fixed with your license when they are asking for a rediculous amount to pay them off
Jul 20 2010 01:30:50: Are you ever going to answer "that extentsion"??? What a joke TVB
Jan 09 2010 03:50:17: OMG they really do NOT answer the phone, do they??? this is wrong!
Nov 23 2009 22:08:32: cant get ahold of the stupid fuckin tvb court. fuck them and fuck rochester
Sep 12 2009 03:15:48: This is stupid!!!! Why even have a phone number listed if you don't plan to answer??? Ive been waiting for 5 minutes for someone to pick up!!! Hello, it's called a PHONE NUMBER for a reason!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!!
Sep 11 2009 22:23:55: Neither phone number works on this page. I have tried and tried to call 232-2340 and send a fax to 232-1189 however they are both not working.
Jul 18 2009 01:51:22: why dont u guys ever answer the phone
Jan 27 2009 01:54:46: is anybody there