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Amherst Town Court

Phone 716-689-4200
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Mailing Address Amherst Town Court
400 John James Audubon Parkway, Amherst, NY 14228
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 400 John James Audubon Parkway, Amherst, NY 14228
Fax per comment: 689-4249
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About the area
Northeast of the city of Buffalo. Amherst is a very busy and vibrant community.
Hon. Mark Farrell & Hon. Geoffrey Klein
Erie County District Attorney
Type Of Cases Lots of speeding tickets on the area highways, and some of the problems of a declining economic area.
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Feb 08 2012 00:44:23: i was a passinger in a car, the cops pulled us over and said the car driver had license, towed the car, i called my wife and she came and got us. a mile down the road they pull us again and said there was drugs in the car. now ther was there of us, too passengers and the driver. i went to jail, the passenger because they said that the drugs were by me. Now come on! you cant even be a passenger in Amherst! mind you too of us are black. Two top it of we never seen these so called drugs!!
Jan 04 2012 03:48:59: All town courts are nothing but money makers. processing fees to the state, town, etc. What a joke. It's really just a racket....One that abuses the tax payers....sickening!
Sep 13 2011 09:16:22: As I sit here and read the comments people have written about the Judge I can only wonder if they realize that we(I say we because I am currently in drug court) not the Judge are the ones who committed the offenses or crimes and that is why we are here. From my point of view the Judge is good to you if you work the program. I can tell you this the Judge has praised me and given me confidence that I did not have before, and may I add this is not the only drug court I have gone too , but in my opinion Amherst drug court is the best. I am greatful that I have this chance. After all if the Judge didnt create Drug and Gambling court here in Amherst we all may be in jail, . The Judge takes drug and gambling court serious and we as the one who committed the crime should too. I would just like to end with this to all who are complaining . THIS IS A CHOICE FOR DRUG COURT. Noone is forcing you into drug, gambling, or Veterans court. As the saying goes If you do the crime you can do the time..
Jun 17 2011 04:10:00: This is my FIRST time i went to AMherst court.I had a small speeding ticket. This judge gave me a $ 5 3 5 fine, community service, 3 points, and a 4 hour driving class...WTF is this? Like for real? this was Unjust and completely irreverent. this is something you get if you get arrested or drive drunk or something more serious. What a JOKE
Mar 02 2011 23:48:18: Mark Farrell forces a plea in drug court and then sends the deft to rehab. If the rehab refuses the deft...Farrell then has an A misd conviction for that person and they receive a SENTENCE for that A Misd....even if the drug bust had no lab testing to prove the drug arrest was a legitimate. illegal drug. This is all inconstitutional, but the NY state judical system is so corrupt within, that it protects this backdoor,3rd world justice. We need accountability and a complete overhaul of the NY state Justice system..NOW!
Jan 26 2011 11:14:18: not sure about the actual benefits of a drug court that sends people to jail for minor infractions as part of their "treatment". I thought the point of drug court was to alter the behavior, not sure how much of that is achieved when the person is in jail, other than increasing their hatred of the 'justice' system. Also knowing that if you have the right lawyer or know the right people, drug court is much easier if it happens at all. their is no consistency to the judge's decisions , just his attitude for the day and he has no respect that some of these people are hard working students, or employees that may have to actually be somewhere or risk losing a job and their only chance of success.
Dec 10 2010 09:40:19: the good judge needs a mental evaluation. someone needs to tell him that dirty harry is just a character in a movie. he has no respect for the people waiting in his courtroom as he is always at least an hour late. this guy sucks. i cant believe he can get away with the shit he pulls.
Feb 19 2010 02:18:19: they tell u to get there promtly at 930 but u can bet ur bottom fkn dolla that ur not goin anywhere till 2...this court is a mockery and should go right to hell
Feb 19 2010 02:16:30: I have seriouse hate for that pompas asshole of a Judge and i seriousely think some1 should take a bat to his head and knock him off his high horse to be raped by the horse itself. The guy is a cold haerted bastard the things iv heard him say to people make my stomach turn and hes clearly a rascist
Jan 15 2010 00:51:44: I was cautiously passing a woman who had parked her car in the middle of the road and was stopped by a police officer in Amherst, NY. While I was guilty of the offense (not having updated the inspection on my car--due to the fact that I was not in the US for the past 9 months), I could not help but note that my slow and cautious driving probably nabbed me. If I had zipped past the woman, I probably would not have been stopped because the officer would not have had a chance to see the expired sticker on my car. Probably this is one of the many reasons why drivers in the Buffalo region fly through red lights, zip through stop signs, careen past other cars and make many dangerous moves, which I have observed with horror on the roads. I guess I learned my lesson.
Dec 16 2009 22:48:05: I was stopped at Maple and Transit for making a questionable left hand turn on green????The light was green, there were no cars coming and I made a left hand turn...
Dec 02 2009 04:10:34: VERY difficultto get someone to answer a phone there!! I do have a fax number now!!! 716-689-4249.
Aug 26 2009 00:07:05: Currently our software is not allowing us to edit comments. We can only approve or reject them. We'll fix it soon (it used to work), but it's not there yet.
Aug 23 2009 20:39:33: To the person who has been posting comments ... thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, some of your comments are too personal and I can't verify details. It's a difficult choice, but I can't publish some of them. They will usually be approved if you don't include people's names.
Jul 07 2009 12:24:08: Similarly, in 2004, the Commission on Judicial Conduct admonished Amherst Town Justice Mark Farrell for violating judicial conduct rules limiting political activities and contributions, based on various steps he took in an attempt to gain the Democratic nomination for a Supreme Court seat in Erie County. See In re Mark Farrell, 2004 WL 1813745, at *2 (N.Y. Comm’n Jud. Conduct June 24, 2004). Aware that his chances to obtain the nomination hinged on the support of the Democratic Party leader in that county, Justice Farrell acquiesced to a demand by the county chairman to contact members of the county Democratic Committee to solicit support for the chairman’s reelection. Justice Farrell called 50 committee members and spoke to 20 of them on behalf of the chairman. Id. at *1. To further assist and thereby gain the support of the county leadership, he also contributed $7,500 of his campaign funds to the Erie County Democratic Committee. Id. He, too, still serves as a town justice. Elected Officials of Amherst Township, available at (last visited July 12, 2007). The 1988 Reports of the New York State Commission on Government Integrity reinforce the statewide nature and the long history of these problems. That Commission was created by then-Governor Mario Cuomo to address widespread concerns about, among other things, the integrity of the judicial nomination process. See Executive Order 88.1 ¶ 2.7 (Apr. 21, 1987) (charging the Commission with responsibility for investigating “weakness in existing laws . . . regarding the selection of judges to determine whether such weaknesses create an undue potential for corruption, favoritism, [and] undue influence”). Following an extensive investigation that included “interview[s with] approximately 50 sitting and former judges around the state, and more than 60 26
Mar 09 2009 12:55:01: Which genius is the justice that is so cantankerous, he even fines the less well-off people for not owning good enough clothes? I can't believe some imbeciles would allow that p.o.s. to become a justice. He is mentally unstable, and is a mockery to the judicial system. Does nobody else see that this pompous, authority-abusing, verbally abusive peacock is a not fit to be on the bench? Allowing him to remain as a justice serves to teach the public that authority is held only by the unjust; those who actually belong in prison. It amazes me that those who have the authority to pass judgment, if judged themselves, would probably get the DEATH PENALTY. Why don't we become more aware of these types who try to become justices to protect their illicit behaviors and repugnantly adverse psychology? He obviously has a problem with authority. He is EXACTLY the type who would push a cop to bludgeon him with a baton - think about that. Why is nothing being done to depose him? He should be jailed for 25 years and cavity searched 4 times a day by an inmate.
Mar 15 2008 08:46:16: Google Mark G. Farrell and click "Farrell". Read the article on the NY State COmmission on Judicial Misconduct. Seems that Farrell's not perfect, either!
Oct 05 2007 22:05:53: my drivivng school instructor once told me one traffic fine is a small price to pay for all the occasions u got away with it ... point taken. but what irks me is my tax $ is spent on eight D.O.T. laborers leaning on shovels looking into a hole by the airport . making $42 /hr..complacency breeds laziness. they can build a 10,000 room hotel in vegas in 13 mos., but it takes 4 yrs. to lay a pad of concrete on genessee st..unions r the cancer of america.
Oct 04 2007 04:55:41: its ironic that the drivers that typically drive below speed limit & ruin the flow are the uninsured being overly obedient.mean-while , the drivers that indirectly pay cops salaries r the ones nickel & dimed to death !
Oct 04 2007 04:44:35: due to convenience & time restraints, most people plea down their cases to the town prosecutor [2 parking tickets & driving school] .this translates to the traffic cops being judge & this an abuse of power ? should any blue collar profession have this much of a god complex ?
Oct 04 2007 04:36:45: traffic officers justify their tactics by claiming its human nature to test the laws , & the only way to teach drivers is to hit them where it hurts ; their wallets.driving is no longer a privilege , its a business.where is all this $ going to ?
Oct 03 2007 21:13:46: if they r thinking about the case,lawyers can charge their clients $200/hr. while they r on the toilet ! traffic cops can charge a driver $200 for five minutes of work as well. its no wonder neither profession gains much respect from others.
Oct 03 2007 03:07:14: internal affair interviews have discerned sociopaths & policeman only differ +1- in their psychological profiles !
Oct 03 2007 03:02:58: in the supposed safest town in america , it seems as though real crime is non-existent, so the petty traffic cops have to straddle their already overtaxed residents w/yet another expense ; the police mans ball fund aka traffic ticket proceeds !
Sep 28 2007 05:55:37: FACT ; if moving violations r reduced , town receives $. if not, state receives $.city of buffalo is the only twnshp.that cannot plea bargain, so they tend to issue parking tickets over moving violations. this is why warnings r no longer given to minor infractions...every driver is a PAYDAY.this is also why everyone hates police officers.
Sep 19 2007 21:44:25: traffic officers have lost sight of their ultimate goal of ensuring the peace on the roads from severely erratic drivers. instaead , they seem to be spectators/predators waiting to pounce on minor infractions to generate $ for their holiday bonus.
Sep 19 2007 13:05:27: traffic officers should be harrassing only the severe driving offenders , & not wasting everyones time & $ on petty violations. this town has enough overpaid,underworked officials.
Aug 06 2007 23:45:42: Judge Farrell can be highly unreasonable, sometimes sending people to jail because they didnt bring an attorney on a scheduled court date. Judge Klein, although more reasonable, is a former state trooper and leans heavily on defendants who show any disrespect towards the towns officers.
Oct 31 2006 04:49:33: John Machalski is the Town Prosecutor. This Court has some of the higher fines for vehicle and traffic matters in the area. On more excessive speeding tickets the plea may involve two parking tickets each with a fine over $100. Judge Farell requires that all fines be paid by close of business on the day a plea is taken for a vehicle and traffic matter. Drug Court was pioneered by Judge Farrell in this Court and is often part of a plea arangement for matters involving drug or alcohol use.