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Athens Town Court

Phone 518-945-3360
Map Google Map
Mailing Address Athens Town Court
Two First Street, Athens, NY 12015
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 2 First St, Athens, NY 12015
Fax 945-1372
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Athens has finally caught up on security, with a new metal detector. And they won't let you bring your cell phone in the courtroom - not even lawyers.
Warm court in older structure. Important detail here is that the judges will generally not dismiss a ticket if the Trooper doesn't show up, so you should make the best deal you can. Troopers seem to write a lot of tickets for Athens Town Court. Volume of speeding tickets is astonishing considering the population.
About the area
The court itself is near the Hudson River, and there is a nice park nearby. The town includes a stretch of the New York State Thruway (I-87). It's not that long, but there's a U-turn the Troopers like to use. The Court is a bit of a drive from the nearest exits.
Hours of Operation Court sessions in the town of Athens are at either 4 pm or 5:30 pm.
Hon. James H. Robinson, Jr., and Hon. Constance Pazin. Robinson is new. Judge Pazin has been there awhile and is quite thoughtful. Judge Kerr retired after distinguished service.
The Greene County DA is responsible for criminal matters and has taken over negotiations of traffic cases in Athens Town Court.
Type Of Cases Lots of Thruway speeding tickets. Handles other matters common to town courts.
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Old Comments about Athens Town Court (hide)

May 23 2011 20:04:20: My son got a headlight ticket in Dec. 2010. We took care of it the same week, yet five months later we get a letter from DMV his license is going to be suspended! All over a headlight?!?!
Aug 18 2010 05:01:29: It's really a shame Judge Kerr retired , he was the best Judge this town has ever had as of 2010 .
Nov 12 2009 09:39:28: It would be nice if the troopers drove on I-87 to catch speeders instead of sitting on the side with their radar. The DUI/DWI drivers have been a bigger threat to me on 87 then the speeders, and it is hard to pass them and clear yourself of a potential accident. I feel that the troopers on the road could kill two birds with one stone.
Sep 24 2009 05:15:15: To the last person who posted-did you ever find out how much your ticket cost? I also got a ticket a week ago for doing 83 in a 65 and find it frightening that I have to plead guilty in order to learn how much I owe. I would never consider signing anything without knowing what the consequences are but live too far away to go to court.
Aug 25 2009 23:00:25: Can anyone give me an idea of what a speeding ticket wil cost. I was going 83 in a 65 limit. How do you plead guilty without knowing the amount of money you will be required to pay? Anyone out there tthat can help me out
Jun 04 2009 08:07:43: This was probably the most pleasent experience I have ever had in court. The staff and judge were outstanding people.
Feb 12 2009 08:38:21: I was going 81 in a 65 zone in Greene county. I have WI license with no concern of insurance. Any point of fighting? How much will it be?<br>[Editor: This is not an advice line. You should consider hiring a lawyer.]
Nov 14 2008 12:53:54: This court has some malicious way of extracting money from you for speeding tickets. I had got a speeding tickets. My police officer didn't show up on the court date.. and the attorney tricked me into converting my speeding ticket into a parking ticket and then extracting $100 from me under the parking ticket. This is utterly unfair to extract money from poor laymen who are unaware of the nitty-gritties by tricking them this way.
Sep 12 2008 02:05:29: To not have the fee or even a phone number for the violation is very un-fair. Having searched the phone number and calling the court the want me to plead guilty or not guilty not knowing the actual points or fee/fine costs. Is this a fair and un-biased way to exact justice. I've heard the south was bad by charging cash right on the road side but this is crazy in this day and age. They must make allot of cash of this scam veiled as leagal...Thanks to those who have set up this information. Obviously the un-fair but legal, way of running a court needs clarity. Can I cross my fingers while swearing to tell the truth?...<br>[Editor's Note: The fine is set by the Judge after the case is resolved - common in criminal procedure for NY. And who said the system is about justice?]
May 23 2007 09:43:07: I had to respond to the negative comment about this Court. While some of what the commenter says may be true, the same is true of many courts in NY. The court staff are very fair and courteous. --Warren Redlich
May 23 2007 03:17:47: This is basically a processign facility for a little town that uses its piece of I-87 as a money making speedtrap. Driving to the court from more than 50 miles away is a waste of time as you will spend more in time and gas than you will save bye fighting the ticket