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Jersey City Municipal Court

Phone 201.209.6700; 209-6732, 6747, 6743
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Mailing Address Jersey City Municipal Court
365 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Street Address 365 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Fax 459-1338 or 0951
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Apparently the JC Municipal Court is not great on the phones. See the comments below. Someone on did not like our page on this Court. Comments are appreciated on our site -- check out the left side of the page.
If you think our site is out of date, check out the court page. :-)
About the area
The second largest city in the state of NJ, Jersey city has nearly 250,000 residents. The city is replete with hospitals, cinema halls, gyms, parks, shopping malls and corporate firms. On 9/11. many people were evacuated to Jersey City. The city has nearly 30 % African-Americans, 28% Hispanics and 17% Asians, making it a very diverse community. Occupations range from highly paid professionals to unskilled laborers. Jersey City is the birth-place of many eminent lawyers, doctors, engineers and other public figures.
Hours of Operation Opens 8 am, hours to three on Fridays, nine M-Th. Bail and payment closes at 3 or 3:30.
Hon. N. Rodriguez supervises the madness that is Jersey City Municipal Court
Type Of Cases Heavy load of traffic cases with the Holland Tunnel and a number of highways, plus a lot of crime that comes with being such a big city.
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Old Comments about Jersey City Municipal Court (hide)

Jan 13 2012 08:51:35: I also received bogus traffic tickets in the DT area from PO Hickey. I work in the area and at least twice a week I see him pulling people over. On top of that, I have been calling to reschedule my court date and notify them of my intent to plead not guilty. I haven't been able to get through. I'm put on hold for over 45 min for every call I've made. My court date came and went and now have received a 'Failure to Appear' notice. Some others have suggested to go there in person as there were no lines and helped within minutes. My question is, why can't that person just answer the phones? I'm totally disgusted at this point.
Oct 27 2011 23:27:54: 2008-10-15 14:26:36: it is a very sad day a hard working middle class woman got a speeding ticket while rushing to mmc to give an air mattress to her son who was with his 5 year old daughter at bedside after a LEUKEMIA DIAGNOSIS. Now we all know how many illegal non speaking english driving around recklessly but lets continue hitting the good americans while their down! Shame on you officer Hickey. That is not a job well done, now go to court and make some more over time. You want to be a hero, you could have given her a lesser of a ticket. God Help Your poor mother if she ever had to face what this family has to endure. Hopefully, during her trouble times, someone would take a step back and look at the entire picture of what makes an exceptional law enforcement officer and human being. Maybe next life huh!
Oct 27 2011 23:24:02: 2011-08-22 17:38:41: The service is the worst. The people dont show respect or interest in helping the citizens. Your calling service is trash. The only thing they care is money. You guys are the lowest level in proffessionalism. What a shame...
Oct 27 2011 23:22:34: It's ironic to me how the most law-biding facilities have the poorest customer service. We tax paying citizens, with simple minded offences such as traffic tickets have to go through so much to get it fixed. We deal with the most unprofessional, uneducated, gettoist people in NJ. With so many smart, potential individuals struggling to look for a job....and all these positions being wasted by incompidant people.
Oct 27 2011 23:20:49: Hire people who do work, because no one there works. They don't answer phones, or take out warrants that have been paid for from the computer, or give you the right court dates. it seems that a second grader can run that court better then it is being ran now. but if you miss a payment, that's when they'll work, quick to issue warrants to collect that money, but are they going to pay me for missing a days pay to go to court for a matter that has been adjudicated already?? Time and time again for the same ticket. TAKE IT OUT OF THE COMPUTER, you know that object that has keys with letters and numbers on it and a screen that looks like a T.V??? workers there are lazy and can care less about anyone other then themselves, oh it's lunch time!!!
Oct 27 2011 08:48:59: P.O. Gajewski is a very rasit person. When he was in Court 4, it seem he was running the Court and not the staff. What a shame that the Judge and the Prosecuter are all in the same side of the cops.
Oct 27 2011 08:47:07: I go to the back of the Court House and ring the bell and they usually let me in, and park in the back free of charge as well.
Oct 25 2011 09:57:29: When you go to Court, dont pay for parking. Theres a lot open to the public next to the pizza shop across the street from the Court House. Dont pay attention to the sign in the booth, the JCPA never goes in there and the LAZY cops in the Court will not cross the street to give you a ticket. Why pay when you can park for free. I left my car parked there in the back for about two weeks, came back from Puerto Rico and was still there; Boot free!
Oct 25 2011 09:54:09: Does not matter if you call the Judges chambers, Nesley will not do any thing any way.
Oct 25 2011 09:52:19: I dont think is legal for PO T. Hicky to video tape a traffic stop, with a personal camara then bring it to court as evidence. He should be reported to Internal Affairs. What time does he have to give out tickets when hes in court all day on overtime. what a waste of tax payers money.
Oct 25 2011 09:50:11: prosecuter Alex Hardinez and PUblic Defender Andy Abrons are very nasty. There are always rude.
Oct 25 2011 09:48:56: John Frasca at the Information window is very nasty. Were can i report his loud mouth.
Oct 25 2011 09:46:40: not every one is that bad in there, just ask Ed Mehan he was very helpfull
Oct 18 2011 08:28:25: I was able to speak with a Judy she was very helpfull shes at 201.209.6743 or 6742
Oct 18 2011 08:26:07: I was able to reach a Judy at 201.209.6731 very nice person.
Oct 12 2011 09:18:43: When will the JC Police Department investigate PO Thomas Hickey Every day overtime. This RAsist Cop is in Court Every day. What time does he give out so many fake tickets .
Sep 24 2011 11:12:27: whats up with that building, the side walk is breaking apart and the steps are sinking. theres gray tape holding the stain carpet stairs. what a shame of court house.
Sep 24 2011 11:07:31: Yes i was also stop by PO Hickey on two bogus tickets i received. Then shows me a video were tells me to plea Guilty to a less charge. I did not even get a oppertunity to speak to the prosecuter thanks to the cop who acted as one.
Sep 24 2011 11:05:24: what a shame still on hold. but i was able to talk to some one who just did not know were to locate a responce for me, now am suspended. Thanks Clown Judge Rodriguez.
Sep 07 2011 09:29:10: Hon. N. Rodriguez supervises the madness that is Jersey City Municipal Court.... Shes part of the madness, it looks like she creates madness. If you ever get to attended her court session do not show up until pass 9:30am, she does not come out it seems after she has her breakfast. And dont even ask for a prosecuter, hes in a SECURE AREA with her and does not show up after she comes out. Prosecuter is always on the phone and also very nasty.
Sep 07 2011 09:24:22: The parking Court Judge he is very rude, who does he think he is "dont a get close to the bench or i called the cops", hes a joke. That hole building is a joke.
Sep 07 2011 09:20:40: The prosecuters in this building are very un fair and all they want to is call in the cops for over time, to amended case that they can resolved.
Sep 07 2011 09:17:08: Judge Austin is very nasty and unfair, specialy when she knows very well the police officers in the trial.
Sep 07 2011 09:14:39: This Court is full of nasty staff. they are all very rude in room 118 and the payment windows. They all have the same nasty attitude as the Chief Judge Nasty Rodriguez.
Aug 22 2011 09:20:35: Can get thru call the Chief Judges Chambers Directly and you get results. OR call Assiment Judge Frank Carpenter (Bayonne ) or Judge Maurice Gallapolli in Hudson County Superior Court.
Aug 22 2011 09:08:51: PO'S Gawejski and Hicky are there every single day. For all # Court Session at at least are making $350.00 On each single Court session to come to court and work out a PLEA AGREMENT. Why can the Prosecuter resolved this cases with out having to pay these two NASTY, RASIST, RUDE, cops. this should be investigated. I was charge with and $106.00 fine, That dont even pay have of the cops OT. and he was only in there for less than 30 Minutes. One of theme even has the nerved to show me a VIDEO he recorded of me on the Stop Sign. Is this legal ????
Aug 22 2011 09:00:41: PO. Gajeswski came to a trail day with his maybe 4 or 5 yeard old kid to court. is this all legal. I requested a trial day and was issue one for 5pm session. Next thing you know theres the cop in full uniform with his daughter in hand. And Judge Babcock allow this to go thru. this place is a CIRCUS. They Should Change the Name to Jersey City Circus Court. $350.00 dollars in over time pay to this cop for baby sitting and briging his kid to a TRIAL DAY, and on top of that i was found GUILTY. Not surprized, the Prosecuter and the Judge seem to be all good friends.
Aug 22 2011 08:53:09: Chief Judge n. Rodriguez as well as Judge Kelly Austin are the two Rudes and unprofessional Judge in the State. both of them are rasist and unfair. and the Prosecuters in this place. on the phones while Court is in session, mean while i have to turn my cell off.
Aug 22 2011 08:49:57: What is this the same Jersey City Municipal Court, with the Rude Judges, Staff and JCPD. The place is falling apart, look at the side walks, broken steps, small Courtrooms.
Jun 27 2011 21:26:54: Hard to get through to anyone and now that someone picked up they gave me my ticket info and it's not yet in the system.
Jun 21 2011 07:11:04: Currently on hold for 45 minutes when my estimated hold time was thirty seconds. Calling for the third time to schedule a court date to fight two bogus tickets and twice it wasn't in their system yet even when my ticket states i need to appear in four days and to notify them seven days in advance.
Jun 18 2011 00:22:35: I was issued a summons to appear in court for a ticket I never received. After going on line to see the assumed ticket I find that the license plate number is mine but the car model is not. I have been trying now for four days to reach someone to clear up this matter and, guess what, just like everyone else, you cannot get through to the court house at any of the listed numbers. Also, one of the numbers listed on the website has been disconnected. Surprise! I shall no longer waste any time and when they send the police to arrest me I will be sure to embarrass the Jersey City Court system and the police department for their incompetence.
Jun 17 2011 22:35:29: This is the worst experience I've ever had. On hold forever, get hung up on frequently, and when i actually get through, my ticket is not in their system yet. What are they doing over there?? This is an embarrassment to the state of NJ and I seriously hope there is reform on the way
Jun 17 2011 03:48:17: Wow...a history of total disrespect for taxpaying citizens, and then here, within these comments, a few employees have the audacity (oops, big word; look it up) to add their snide comments about being overworked/underpaid, etc. It's 2011. If anyone's lucky enough to even have a job, WHO ISN'T overworked and underpaid??? Get over yourself and do your job OR stay home. I have received a bogus summons that tells me to contact the court regarding my plea, and I have called this number (the "RIGHT" one: 201.209.6700) more than a dozen times in a week's time. Either there's a fast busy signal, or the same message that states my wait will be 30 seconds...and then turns into upwards of 15 minutes or more. Please don't get it confused: we may get tickets and summons and other legal documents, and whether they be valid or not, NO ONE has time to waste waiting on a line that provides no customer service. Just another example of American laziness and ineptness (another one...go get the dictionary), and a main reason why this country will remain at a certain low level.
Jun 14 2011 07:06:23: 74 min and still on hold.
Jun 14 2011 03:10:55: As a professional paralegal I cannot even get a court appearance rescheduled for a client of mine. Now i see why this person called me for redress. I have been trying to reah this court for a week and a half now via telephone.
Jun 10 2011 22:10:12: GO IN PERSON! I tried calling for 2 weeks with only a busy signal on each of 20+ calls. I mailed and faxed a written request with no response. However, when I simply walked in the front door, there was no line, the lady at the counter was polite and knowledgeable and helped me schedule a court appearance in less than 3 minutes. Don't waste your time trying to call this court - just show up a the counter!
Apr 14 2011 08:26:08: Called several times and am on hold for over 30 minutes each time. Can't get through anytime of day or night. Why do i think these people are probably ignoring calls or talking to friends on the phone. Can't resolve my court issue, terrible ineffecient. Why am I paying insane taxes......
Mar 19 2011 02:26:33: I have tried to reach the parking ticket division over the phone. They tell me the estimated wait time is 30 seconds and each time I have waited 40 minutes yesterday and today over 1 1/2 hours today before giving up. Is there another to get through them?
Mar 09 2011 11:48:16: Your dialing the wrong number, it's (201) 209-6700
Mar 09 2011 11:47:22: Your dialing the wrong number, it's (201) 209-6700
Mar 08 2011 02:13:00: i am also appauled by the way city workers treat the people who call in for help from jersey city traffic violations dept. they cash the checks fast but try to get a response from a worker when you call ; the recording says we are getting higher than normal calls now call back later" and your left waiting for a receipt that never comes even when you send a s.a.s.e and trenton does not accept cancelled why should we pay people who really do nothing all day but waist time b,s this system needs to change their people and their way of doing things...put someone who can answer a phone the way it should be answered and help the people who call after all, we are the tax payers: aren"we?
Mar 05 2011 05:06:35: Trying to get someone on phone from Jersey City Municipal Court for more than an hour. No response. Numbers tried : (201) 290 6700, (201) 290 6747, (201) 290 6743, (201) 290 6732. I got a parking ticket which states "Improper parking, but I'm sure I did not do anything wrong.
Mar 01 2011 22:34:53: I called the court clerk at least 10 times over 6 week period, got same recording that volume of calls was high and I should call back. I finally a reach an extremely rude clerk who would not let me explain anything and that I was wrong and then she hung up! By the way, I called to inquire about status of my court date for a parking ticket that I was fighting. Turns out the court messed up their records and filed the ticket as paid when it wasn't. And I was being the honest one here! UNREAL.
Mar 01 2011 22:34:43: I called the court clerk at least 10 times over 6 week period, got same recording that volume of calls was high and I should call back. I finally a reach an extremely rude clerk who would not let me explain anything and that I was wrong and then she hung up! By the way, I called to inquire about status of my court date for a parking ticket that I was fighting. Turns out the court messed up their records and filed the ticket as paid when it wasn't. And I was being the honest one here! UNREAL.
Feb 19 2011 01:06:38: How about this - I called all morning and was met with a greeting that said " Call Volume is Higher Than Normal - Call Back".. I eventually got through and was on hold for 30 MINUTES. I finally called the operator and found out that the office was closed today. YA THINK THEY WOULD HAVE SAID THAT ON THE RECORDING INSTEAD OF WASTING HOURSE OF MY DAY!
Jan 11 2011 03:31:40: Apparently the comment that states for people to stop calling to get a ticket price reduction is one of the rude ones!!! So many nice qualified unemployed people and they give to these idiots that are so damn rude. Thats why you get paid what you get paid>>>crap
Jan 05 2011 01:03:13: Does any judges or officials in the court read these comments at all? The whole court is a joke.
Nov 30 2010 04:33:23: Telephone service is a nightmare. Received run around for 3 weeks and still do not have resolution. If someone happens to pick up the phone they refer you to someone else only to be rerouted to another incorrect person. HELP......
Nov 27 2010 08:38:51: Did you get the name of the peroxide blonde?
Nov 15 2010 23:40:27: I find it quite amusing that cops in jersey city are quick to give you a ticket but when you call to ask questions about it they courts dont answer the freaking phones!!!!!
Oct 30 2010 02:09:13: I tried to get a final disposition, and the clerk at Mun Ct, summit ave., sent me to the Court at Newark Ave. OK, I go there, guess what, no, I had to get it at Summit Ave. Fine, I need to lose a few pounds just like every fat American, so I trek over to Summit again. Clerk there insists that I had to get it in Newark Ave. Well, you know, I am not willing to play ping-pong ball. I ask her if she can call clerk at Newark and resolve this problem. Nope, she won't do it. I insist, I tell her that I am not going to trek over there again when I have already done so and I have been told in no uncertain terms that I should get my document at Summit. Oh boy, peroxide blonde gets all ruffled, she says that I should do what she says or she will call the police to get me arrested! Rude, rude. I say, go ahead, tell the police to arrest me, she leaves, I stay in front of her window. 8 minutes later she comes back (in the meantime other people are lining up behind me, waiting to speak to useless clerk) and again she repeats that she cannot anything for me. I ask to speak to her supervisor, she tells me to step aside so she can take care of the others. OK, so you know my story by now. Should I step to the side while she completely ignores me and does not get her supervisor? Do I get paid to just stand there while she "teaches me a lesson"? I;ve been to other NJ city offices, nothing like this attitude. Why, oh why, these people with a certain type of behavior are hired? Friends of friends with positions in the JC bureaucracy? They are getting paid with OUR TAXES! They are OUR EMPLOYEES. They get whatever benefits, medical, etc., from the PUBLIC COFFERS to which we, the overtaxed "stupid majority" keep contributing. All we ask of these clerks is courteous, professional behavior. You will be surprised to see that most of the public will respond in kind. If you hate your job, do I what I do: resign and look for something better.
Aug 20 2010 14:55:37: I do not understand the purpose of the telephone number on this site and in this court. It is impossible to get trough.
Aug 19 2010 05:39:48: I have to admit that the phone wait is long but two weeks ago when i called i was helped by two lovely woman (Margie and Caroline),instead of transfering me all over the place they helped me right away with what i needed. Thank you ladies!
Jul 24 2010 03:14:09: First of all, I got a ticket where there were no parking instructions and timings. Check it out for yourself. Its on Central Ave between Bleecker and South St. in Jersey City Heights. I was supposed to move the car at 830am. Next, when I called the court because I lost the ticket (careless I know), the lady asked me if I had a ticket. When I said no, she said that she couldnt help me and hung up. WTF???? What am I supposed to do? I just want to pay the damn ticket! Hanging up on people? I wish they'd just privatize the damn courts.
Jul 13 2010 00:23:34: Not only are the cops in this city racist, they have discriminated me based on my national origin. The white cop pulled me over, and I am a white dude speaking english with minor accent. He gave me a ticket for no reason whatsoever and stated that in this country we dont drive like that. I am US citizen, and this action will not only make me move away from this state, but also from this country, it is outrages!!!
Jul 07 2010 04:41:03: I called in April & Roseanna was courteous & helpful. I called again today & Mr. Meehan was also courteous & helpful. I've read that the court staff's hours & pay were reduced by 10%. I doubt they have fewer tickets to process or calls to answer. I find that if you are nice, usually the person on the other end is nice as well.
Jul 07 2010 03:36:54: Absolutely ridiculous that someone has to attend court for a Traffic ticket. This is harrasment. I will never come to this municipality again.
Jun 12 2010 19:52:53: It is hard to get people on the phone at the JCMC due to the volume of cases. Santo Artusa, Esq.
May 18 2010 05:13:50: I have called the court several times and each time there has been a wait time ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour. When someone did answer, they were very rude and discourteous. I simply wanted to know when my court date would be and about online payments. I find it to be a horrible system, i've spent an entire day trying to get someone on the phone by a certain time or else i'd get charged even more. Worst system ever beyond a doubt.
May 11 2010 00:29:06: 3rd day i am calling here to find out when is my court day for trafic V. PO did not write it on my ticket. HAve been for total of almost 3 hours on the phone. System is build to make you simply pay for bogus occusations. Court makes $ on te tickets as it is nearly imposible to prove that you have done nothing wrong.
Apr 27 2010 00:06:37: Thanks !to the CORRUPT Hispanic Female Chief Judge of JERSEY CITY MUNICIPAL COURT! to lock up people in the PSYCHIATRIC WARD in JERSEY CITY MEDICAL HOSPITAL WITH HER CONNECTIONS OVER THERE . AND those who oppose her or complain against her & to people who WANTS TO APPEAL THEIR CASE GETS BEAT UP BY THIS JUDGE. i HOPE THEY CHANGE THE CORRUPT JUSTICE sYSTEM FROM CORRUPT JUDGES, CORRUPT PROSECUTORS & CORRUPT LAWYERS WHO HAD SECOND JOB AS A PRIVATE ATTORNEY "MOONLIGHTING WITH CONFLICT OF INTEREST". MOSTLY IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN NEW JERSEY ARE RELATED... SO WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT???? i think, just do all your best to fight justice against wrongful prosecution because one day, you never know, you will meet them again in a different scenario, remember" LIFE IS VERY UNPREDICTABLE".
Apr 13 2010 04:47:38: The lady that I called to tell her I couldn't make an appearance wouldn give me an answer as to who to get a hold of to let the judgve know. So I callled again and asked to speak to the law clerk or the clerk for the judgve and she said she was the lady I talked to earlier and that I was annoying her and wasn't gping to leave a message for the judge. Cool so when there is a warrant out for me ill make sure to tell them why I was issued one, cause some lady can't do her job!
Feb 09 2010 03:56:13: i just called the JC Mun. Court and the waiting time was two minutes!!! And would u believe that in less than two minutes i was taken care of by a representative!!! Her name was Rosana, very professional, told me what i needed to know!!! This goes out to the Human Resources Dept., i think that you should retrain all your representatives by Rosana, trust me citizens will have better results!!! Rosana, your a doll, keep up the good work!!!
Feb 04 2010 08:35:27: This website is useless , looks like a hight school project . why the city don't hire a profecional to do this , chip .
Feb 04 2010 08:26:07: why this side don't have a link to traffic court payment is a mistery to me look like Spinj is doin a poor job here
Jan 26 2010 00:13:05: The staff from the court is extremely rude. They hardly listen to what we have to ask and at the end give you misleading information anyway.
Dec 20 2009 20:49:44: I got a ticket in Liberty State Park and I want to just pay it . It is over 10 days and it does not show up in the system. No court appearance required. How long does it take to show up and to pau on line?
Nov 19 2009 23:52:56: The court helped me very much today. I waited about 2 min. and they helped me tremendously. If anyone wants to pay ticket on line the www link is: The link that is on this page should be changed immediately.
Sep 30 2009 04:31:21: I have tried and tried to reach the parking ticket division over the phone. They tell me the estimated wait time is 30 seconds and each time I have waited over 30 minutes before giving up. That is ridiculous....
Aug 09 2009 09:40:33: Not only are the teller at the court house nasty, a few of the cops are very much racist. My self and few others were pulled over and i got the most tickets of the three. Now you tell me. we all committed the same act and because i was black the cop that wrote the tickets gave me three. His partner seem very nice. I going file a complaint against him.When cops are cops they behave like their are above the law and every one else are ........just gotta deal. Now where is the justice......
Jul 25 2009 01:20:50: Corruption, inefficiency has ridden the city and the state. Though I am a life-long democrat, I will vote of Christie this time. And of course, Healy and his cronies are going to be history. We need efficient, lean administration in the city and state. Then will these highly inefficient staff at the Muni court will pick-up the phone.
Jul 16 2009 08:06:18: I too had the same problem....time to call the media
Jul 16 2009 06:42:24: OMG......what do? after the ticket is paid they send a warrent after you......who to call...? who is in charge? rude big matter what proof you present it does not matter....Is jersey city part of the usa?
Jul 11 2009 03:53:15: The municipal Court system is a joke. They are disorganized, rude, and compartmentalized where noone knows what the other is doing. After calling the court to get a court date, I received three different answers to the same question, in addition to writing in after receiving such a rude representative on the phone. I have yet to get a ticket settled after six (6) months and four court appearances. Now I am being sent threats of having my license revoked if I don't come to court. The system on which this country was founded has been watered down so much that we have little to nothing left of it. It is time for us, the people, as a whole to go back to the basics and learn what it means to be a citizen of the Unites States, living under a constitution. It says "We The People", not 'we the people in charge'. It is time to show the morals of a real human being, regardless of what personal issues representatives may be going through, because I have news for you, everyone is going throug something. You should not take out your frustrations on the public, who are mostly unaware of the protocol when visiting the court. We are human beings, not animals and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Jul 09 2009 04:43:49: jersey city is my hometown however i hate it. the whole system is corrupt from the garbage removal to cops and judges. there is no justice and where is the cops when u need them they only pull people over that look like can pay a ticket so they can meet their quota
Jul 09 2009 03:56:21: JCPA customer service people are inconsiderate and inefficient. they are not interested in doing their job properly just want the govt. salaries and perks. When taking credit card payment over the phone they made so many mistakes repeatedly that even a 10 year old can do better. I guess city workers can't easily be fired for rudeness or inefficiency. So I don't have any high hopes.
Jul 07 2009 19:09:22: Worst service ever. All they care about is money. All Jersey City government officials are money hungry!
Jul 01 2009 07:01:33: After having horrible experience(s) with rudeness, I was sure I couldn't be alone. Lo and behold, the majority of comments on here are all about the rudeness of the people who answer an the phones. The JCPA is a racket. The people that answer the phones have to deal with all sorts of people who are justifiably angry over this corrupt system. I don't envy them, but it IS their job.
May 19 2009 22:15:46: I tried calling 3- times, no one picks up the phone. Ridiculous service.....
Apr 14 2009 01:02:25: I don't know what you are talking about> O had a legit defense but needed a new date and talked a pleasant, direct lady who took the time to find my ticket, answered my question and got me a new date.
Apr 11 2009 10:08:21: In the year of 1991,how many numbers and alphabets were they on a issued summons? Ticket Number to be exact.
Mar 24 2009 23:33:56: change your phone service ....or fire everyone that works there no one knows how to answer the phones!
Mar 24 2009 23:25:51: your phone service is the worst !!!! i've been trying to contact someone for weeks.
Mar 14 2009 03:47:56: Yeah they suck soo much. never call them they will never help you. just pay for the ticket dont bother calling those people. not worth it
Mar 11 2009 10:49:33: Don't feel bad people, I work there and I can't ever get anyone on the phone.
Mar 09 2009 23:31:26: They tell u ur wait time is 3mins, but u be on hold for 30 to 45 mins.
Mar 04 2009 23:31:37: The women who answer the phones are RIDICULOUSKY RUDE!!! I mean, as soon as she picked up she had an attitude with me. If you are so underpaid and overworked IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!! You are there to do a job so do it, and do it well. I'm not asking you to pay my ticket or change my court date. IM ASKING FOR COURTESY!!!! Be respectful. Don't get angry when you read these posts depicting the RUDENESS that is your BEHAVIOR! Do your job. I didn't hire you so don't take your issues out on me.
Nov 12 2008 06:55:01: whoever the city hired to actually answer the phones is the rudest woman ever born. She calls her self Pat and she should be fired. All city workers should abide by the same code of ethics the state workers have to abide by and not take gifts from the public.
Aug 25 2008 08:49:17: the court stinks i cannot even get my ticket amount on the website and my ticket amont isnt listed on my ticket! what kind os system is jersey city running?
Aug 23 2008 06:02:35: everytime i've tried to reach customer service, the call just drops out of nowhere. maybe they should put more $ into upgrading this piece of crap system! i wound up having to go up up th ecourt in person, to handle my business. YAY
Aug 14 2008 05:25:41: Absolutely insane - One hour and 40 minutes on hold and noone is answering. Need to find out how to pay traffic ticket. Worst cusomer service ever.
Jul 31 2008 04:07:22: This court is ridiculous. Rude customer service. Well, they aren't exactly CS. Just people wanting to take our hard earned money. I have a traffic violation which totally does not make sense. Then I called in about it and found out I have a parking violation I never knew about. There was no ticket on my windshield. AND i have to take time off of work to fight this. The tickets cost less than my salary. I am beginning to hate Jersey City. They have licenses to rob people legally??? where can I write a letter to for complaint?
Jul 29 2008 03:49:04: i just called to get information on how i can pay my ticket and the customer service was the worst i ever had before, rude people i think they dont even care about why are we calling for or why we need assistance.
Jul 03 2008 21:57:00: The last time I called I spoke with Brenda and she was a great help. There was no holds or rude remarks. This is the 4th time that I've had to call the court and had to go in a few times too and everyone seemed pretty helpful to me.
May 07 2008 21:08:08: web site and phone service is a joke! the employees are very rude and unhelpful
Apr 30 2008 23:41:02: Employees are rude and discourteous; no one answers the phone; I've been on hold now for 40 minutes. All I need to know is who to make my check out to. Why isn't this information posted on the website; This website is completely U-S-E-L-E-S-S and a waste of time!!!
Apr 29 2008 05:00:40: 4/28/08 - I have been on hold for 1:20 minutes to cancle my court date and then I am disconected, WOW this is crazy. Now there wil be an warrent for my arrest. Is this how the court in JC work. I am not from JC. what the officier said I was stopped for was what I was giving a ticket for again WOW. How do they get away with this kind of system?
Apr 24 2008 01:53:08: Need a fax number added
Apr 16 2008 21:56:26: I called to ask a simple question about paying a ticket using the on line service and the person was so rude that I couldn't believe that she gets paid for dealing with the public. With my job I job I deal with people everyday and I always treat them the way I would treat a family member. If you can't treat people with respect you shouldn't have a paying job dealing with the public
Mar 24 2008 23:21:02: the court need people to answer the tel;ephones.
Mar 22 2008 03:28:10: The entire system including every employee must be overhauled and new codes of conduct, clear & unambiguous guidelines for both public and employees to follow must be implemented. We must insist that this be an essential objective of the Attorney General's Office. The abusive & disrespectful behavior of the phone operators, clerks and yes, Judges, must be regulated. And stringent consequences must follow for those who disregard the law by disfranchising the community and constructively avoiding the duties (answer phone, take inquest, ect..) to the community. Not only does this kind of behavior thwart the rights of the people to be serviced in a respectful and prompt manner but it wrongfully imply that if you work for the Court and have the protection of Judges and their Clerks, it follows that you can abuse your position by not doing your job. Worse, do your job with the ill guided notion that you can behave in the most indignant manner and confidently tongue lash and spout insults with little to no regard of consequences. Why? To answer my own question, because THEY CAN! Because "WE THE PEOPLE:" have allowed these public officials and civil service employees to go UNCHECKED & UNPUNISHED. Stop complaining and start typing, write to the Justice Department, US Attorney General's Office, your SENATORS! When misconduct of ANY KIND is at the expense of the citizens, you have an obligation to yourself, your kids and their kids future to work effortlessly to eradicate illegal and undeserved mistreatment. It takes one pen, one enter button on a computer and several telephone calls to the press and your best outlet is the "e-media" Yes the internet is your friend, use it and expose all of your frustration through a blog. Jersey City Municipal Court System is out of control because too much confidence have been placed in Judicial Tyrants! When Judges behave in a manner less than respectful, abusive with malice and self interest at the forefront of their objective, it follows that employees at the most minuscule position will feel obliged to abuse you simply because, they can. How unfortunate for our kids and love ones, they will continue to be inundated with hopelessness only if you surrender your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES! When you can't trust in the Courts willingness to assess cases and LISTEN before sending your case to a mediator, when police officers take their time coming to a certain zip code or "ward" that's considered a "jungle" then you must find HOPE from within and work effortlessly to change via YOUR VOTE. The city council, elected judges, senators and yes, mayors and county executives as well, REMOVE THEM! If you can afford to, MOVE OUT OF HUDSON COUNTY! If the State of NJ does not want to grant you rights afforded to you and guaranteed to you via our US Constitution, then take your taxes and move your family to another State where Courts and elected officials are HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THERE ACTIONS AND FAILURE TO ACT! WE must insist that investigations be conducted and demand that new guidelines be issued and followed, when they're not, PINK SLIPS should follow with out question or FEAR of UNIONS! Perhaps than and only than will "WE THE PEOPLE" of Jersey City New Jersey realize CHANGE & ACCOUNTABILITY! I trust that this comment will be read and hopefully distributed to those who can implement change. Hiring Judge Kelly is a start but Firing Judges as well as lazy, abusive and crass customer service reps will send a clear message of a 'NEW" Jersey City Municipal Court that have a new "ZERO TOLERANCE" standard in place. Than and only than will the faith and assurance people once had in the JC, Municipal Court System will certainly return to it's proper place; the mind, heart and soul of "WE THE PEOPLE"
Mar 20 2008 01:40:29: can't get through, their system keeps hanging up on me when i dial for a representative. FUCK this court, i can't take care of my shit if they won't even pick up the phone. THEY can pay my fucking ticket now.
Mar 19 2008 04:08:29: I think that the most of the employee's are not very customer service type and they are really not very wiiling to help.
Mar 07 2008 01:25:31: to get through to a representative is rediculous. i just call to find out the date i have to appear in the court and once in a while ill be on hold for 10-15 min. and then idd loose the call. thats really fucked up.
Feb 25 2008 23:36:51: I tried talking to the person on the telephone and she told me to come in and slamed the phone when I tried to ask a question.
Jan 31 2008 03:30:40: you try to call all the MANY #'s they give you and they are BUSY ALL THE TIME
Jan 19 2008 06:12:37: I am on the phone now watiting someone to answer my call almost more than 45 minutes
Dec 27 2007 05:05:02: i agree; why does the website listed take you to historical info, when clearly my reason for comong here is to pay a traffic ticket. i was on hold on the phone for a large amount of time.
Dec 08 2007 05:16:19: mss torres helped resolve a matter for me long distance she is a great employee
Sep 22 2007 04:33:27: Getting through via-telephone is rediculous 15 min. or more wait and the web site is no help as well.