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Montgomery Town Court

Phone 1-845-457-2620
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Mailing Address Montgomery Town Court
110 Bracken Road, Montgomery, NY 12549
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 110 Bracken Road, Montgomery, NY 12549
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This small court, which shares it's building with Town Hall, is fairly busy. With I-84, and routes 208, 17k and 211 all intersecting in Montgomery they get some speeding and other traffic tickets.
About the area
Montgomery is a fairly large town in beautiful Orange County. Like most of it's neighbors it has a history steeped in dairy farming and it's central location to historic and modern days hubs of transportation. It is located in the Hudson valley at the base of the Appalacian mountains and is an ideal location for someone wanting a nice mix of countryside and easy access to civilization.
Town Justice Frederick Gorss & Harry Mills
District Attorney for Orange County is Francis Phillips; Town Attorney is Charles T. Bazydlo.
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets from I-84 plus some misdemeanors and the occasional felony arraignment. DWI too.
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Old Comments about Montgomery Town Court (hide)

Mar 01 2012 02:17:27: Hey, What does trespass on posted land mean?
Mar 22 2010 10:52:42: Cops are awful! Supposed to protect the public, but write pathetic tickets to make money...I was pulled over, after he actually followed me for 2 miles, for following a truck "too closely" that was going under the speed limit. He was really close to the back of my car as well, but of course, he has a free pass for everything and wasn't endagering me at all. Then he claims that I was going a mere 5 miles over a 30 mile speed limit and could have written me another ticket and make note that I admitted it! He claims I almost caused an accident?? There was nothing to indicate that! He was either bored or Dunkin Donuts was closed that day! Horrible car drivers who cause deadly accidents and real crimes happen every day, and I get pulled over by a town trying to make money off of law-abiding citizens! I have no respect for police officers ever...they think they are God and are around to write money-making tickets, but never when they are needed. What a scam is right. I say fire most of the deputy dog traffic cops and put them to work doing what they're supposed to do...serve us. Get them all a dog collar!
Oct 17 2008 00:48:49: It's all a money-making scam. Why is it OK for cops to talk on their cell phones while driving, but they will ticket us for in excess of $100.00 for the same infraction? These people have grammatical errors on their webpage. How professional is that? I think that, to want to become a cop, one must have a serious inferiority complex, and desire to take out one's frustrations on those who exceed unfair speed limits and the like. They certainly are evil.
Dec 29 2006 23:50:18: they will railroad at any chance they can b/c they are all evil