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Esopus Town Court

Phone 845-331-5776
Map Google Map
Mailing Address Esopus Town Court
284 Broadway, Ulster Park, NY 12487
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 284 Broadway, Ulster Park, NY 12487
Fax 845-331-5935
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The Troopers on this section of the Thruway can sometimes take a tough stance in negotiations.
About the area
Town has a great stretch of the Hudson River, and has a variety of creeks (but not Esopus Creek), lakes and woods.
Hours of Operation Mondays at 4:30, Tuesdays at 5
Hon. Elizabeth A. Shanley-Manicone & Hon. Robert C. Grieco
Ulster County District Attorney, and as with most of this region of NY, Troopers generally handle their own tickets in court.
Type Of Cases Thruway (I-87) speeding violations, along with typical town court matters
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Old Comments about Esopus Town Court (hide)

Feb 24 2012 01:16:17: this town sucks!! all they want is money!
Feb 24 2012 01:15:58: i had gotten a seat belt ticket in 2010, which i was arrested for fail to appear in august 2010, i obviously went to court and paid the fine and the suspension life which now in feb 2012 i went to dmv and found out that they never put the suspension lift thru! so now i have to pay it again! this town is ridiculous, all they want is money money money. whatever they have to do to get the most money from you they will.. KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS AND DOCUMENTS!! TRUST ME
Sep 17 2011 23:20:42: this court is not a pleasure for sure. I received a ticket last year 2010 which it took a whole year for the court to call me. When i did show up last year the court was closed. I went twice and both times the court was closed. i shouldn't had to pay that ticket. The ticket was $235.00. The court was wrong and i wish i had a lawyer to take this case. It was to be dismissed, not fined. Thirsty ass ESOPUS.
Jan 15 2011 11:56:49: I had a traffic ticket, and I just want to let you know that he will probabally lower the offense based on what speed you were doing. I was doing 82 and the judge changed it to a 0 point parking ticket worth $150. Although this isint too bad, you do not need to bargain or anything. They will offer a fair and lower ticket. Also, the prosicuter (who was African AMerican) tends to make up the rules, so you need to suck up to him. Grieco refers to him as "the people" and I actually wanted to ask the judge if this prosicutor was the people or if we the people in the court could call the shots. Anyway, be relaxed, all they want is your money pretty much.
Feb 12 2010 06:28:43: HA HA HA !Ya know You have to laugh because this area is so dead and backwards and believe it or not they LOVE it,..They still go by some old town names where most of the people have passed haha a long time ago. The taxes are high and most of the FUNDS come from DEPUTY DOGS,now ya all be careful now ,this is a very powerful thing for this breed..just creep through it wont take long aboit 6 minutes,they wont even flinch at you...
May 02 2009 00:19:17: I was ticketed when i might have been going only 5 miles above the limit for going 25 miles above. The office was extremely rude and wouldn't listen to me
Sep 17 2008 21:52:57: i was arrested for criminal mishchief in the 3rd degree, for suposivley doing 250$ worth of damage to a car while kicking it... i was on crutches for a foot injury! that is rediculous, atleast for those of you who only have traffic violations, you dont have as high of a chance of going to jail the people in the court are only doing there job take out your issues on the people who created the law not the ones who inforce it. im only 17 and i believe if a 17 year old can understand that then some of you certainly should
Aug 28 2007 03:48:27: Tough Stance?? I was ticketed and I was NOT even the speeder. I have gotten speeding tickets before and I have ALWAYS simply paid the fine. However, the officer picked my car out from a pack of many cars as he was driving Northbound on I87! I was doing 67 MPH and he ticked me for well over 20 that! Ridiculous!
Jun 08 2007 03:24:39: Rural dirty hick town, most of town funds come from traffic stops on I-87.