Florida Legal Resources

Information on state and city legal codes in Florida, and other resources.

Finding legal information that encompasses your city’s and states legal codes can be complicated when determining how federal laws affect those codes. It can be even difficult to gather legal information or documentation when you arrive to a new state. The State of Florida provides a diverse collection of online resources. Discovering where to start can be hard to determine, but with the following legal links, you’ll find your journey into Florida’s legal past and present quite effortless.

Florida Government Resources

My Florida Legal- Florida’s Attorney General

Tampa Florida- Tampa residents can use resources to locate legal documents and government legislation.

Mack House – Florida Congressman Connie Mack government website.

Florida’s Natural Choice- Seminole County library resources for the federal, foreign, and local government.

My Florida- Official Florida’s State information laws and regulations.

Grayson- Congressman Greyson’s government website for the 8th District of Florida.

Lake County- Lake County resources for residents.

Leon County- Government resources for residents of Leon County.

The Library of Congress- State and city government resources for residents.

Business Better Bureau- Orlando Florida Better Business Bureau

Lee Clerk- Lee County, Florida information on traffic citations and official records.

Florida Attorney-Related

United States Attorney's office- Information on the criminal laws the Middle District of Florida enforces.

Deltona Florida’s City’s Attorney’s Office- Prosecution and defender for Deltona City’s.

The Florida Bar- Organization for Florida’s lawyers and those searching for a lawyer.

Trusts and Estates- David S. Luber Estate planning law firm.

Florida Prosecution- Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association provides education for prosecutors.

The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys- A non-profit association to assist those that provide legal help to elderly people.

HG- Directory for finding a lawyer or law firm.

Pro bono- Assistant for Pro bono lawyers and those who need them.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense lawyers- A searchable database to locate a criminal defense attorney.

Florida Legal- Florida legal services provides pro bono legal assistance to poverty-stricken people who can’t afford legal counsel.

Florida Court Cases

Florida State Courts- Supreme Court, District court, Circuit Court, and County court case dockets.

Department Of Justice- FBI investigation of former defense attorney.

Florida Supreme Court- Florida Supreme Court- Public information, court decisions and rules.

Religious Diversity-Sultaana Lakiana Myke Freeman v. State of Florida

Vote Trust USA- Voter activist case against Florida and Arizonia.

Stalking- Stalking cases court decisions.

AARP- AARP requesting that the Florida Court prevent arbitration if borrows can file class actions suits.

Reproductive Rights- In re Guardianship of J.D.S., Jennifer Wixtrom, Appellant, Case No. 5D03-1921

Cornell Law- GEORGE W. BUSH, et al., PETITIONERS v. ALBERT GORE, Jr., et al.

National Center For Lesbian RightsLara Embry v. Kimberly Ryan

Florida Guardian ad Litem- Case summaries of Florida courts decisions for appointing children with guardians.

 Florida Legal News

Vehicle Buybacks- The Attorney General of Florida Robert A. Butterworth comments on the automobile lemon law.

The Humane Society- Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum request that the federal court reinstate animal cruelty legislation.

The Mortgage Fraud Report- Nine arrested for mortgage fraud through Cue Funding Incorporated and several small Florida businesses.

The Century Council- Attorney General advocates for a safe prom and drunk driving issues.

Florida Administrative Weekly- Public rules and regulations for citizens to view.

Secure Florida- Publication of legal issues, court decisions and legal news.

Prison Legal News- A non profit organization providing legal news and court case information for prisoners.