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Bergen County Superior Court

Phone 201-527-2700
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Mailing Address Bergen County Superior Court
10 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Street Address 10 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Fax 201-646-2505
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About the area
Bergen County in NJ is the most populous county of the state, and is notorious for it's high property taxes. Houses are generally on the expensive side, but many are willing to pay exorbitant prices to live here. Not surprising since the per capita income is also among the highest in the US. Living in Bergen County has several benefits - you are only 16 miles away from a well-known big city (and we don't mean Newark) and can easily get there by road or rail - thanks to the excellent public transportation. The County has numerous parks, historical sites and universities. It is also home to significant portions of the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, I-80, I-287, the Palisades Parkway, and quite a few other highways.
Hours of Operation M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
Judge William C. Meehan is the presiding criminal court judge.
John Molinelli is the Bergen County Prosecutor - 201-646-2300, Court & Main Streets, Hackensack, NJ 07601. The office is in or darn near the Bergen County Courthouse.
Type Of Cases Four divisions, and the criminal division gets busy with some very serious felonies.
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Old Comments about Bergen County Superior Court (hide)

Dec 27 2011 08:50:16: Now that Corzine the crook is exposed soon the entire NJ corrupt judiciary will follow with indictments. stay tuned friends. A grand Jury is convened as we read today.
Oct 13 2011 20:13:56: i havent been on this site since march but i thank the person who defended my son and you know what we are still fighting. so much has happened. my son sold his house has gone through $50,000 and does not have a lawyer anymore. we have been evaluated and it was in our favor. we just had the best pyschiatrist for my son his daughter and this woman and it shows in our favor. now he is going to parenting classes and at the end of 6 months the judge will decide if my granddaughter is better off with my son. there's a woman judge reminds me of judge judy but she seems to be fair and evidently she's taking her time with a decision and it is so stressful. it's parental alienation the dr. said and we knew it also. the woman doesn't have to be a druggie or hoe to have her kids taken away thank god. there are so many women who brainwash their kids against the dads and it's finally coming out. since i know other people use this sight now i will keep you updated. thank you so much for your input.
Sep 01 2011 10:51:56: I hope your team really post my comments, this woman and her son need some reality in their lifes, Am sure that we will never hear from them again! The Judges some times are not rigth, but i know a woman that has being before Judge Melchionne twice, for different reason and she won one and the other one she lost, with some help, she went back and showed vital info, Judge Melchionne knew this woman for her other case and had no consideration, so, that showed that after all Jugde "M" was impartial!
Sep 01 2011 10:41:00: To the mother that commented on 2010-01-10 and 2010-01-28 I forgot to mention, that your son did not know were he was "attacked" his groin or intestins? left eye or rigth eye? Wasn't you the one that had your son under the bed while his father was with other woman in the bed? And the pictures? 1 picture 1000 words!! 10 pictures the whole story!!! Maybe the court has it's "goods and bads" Judges, but really? you think that after years of doing it they can't tell the difference? Ignorance is the only thing that you showed as of today, where did your family come from? As i said before, thanks for the tips!=)
Sep 01 2011 10:27:48: To the mother of the 2010-01-10 and the 2010-01-28 comments. We feel sorry for your son, but you are forgetting to tell that your son was a victim of you and your husband, wasn't he the one that sexually molested your son? and you knew about it, but money was good and you just closed your mouth for more than 10 YEARS! Also you forgot to mention that his own daugther witnessed the attack and told the police what he did to her mother, YES! "the brown pride" was attack by "the white trash"Maybe Judge "M" (Melchionne) did no believed your's or this woman's sister for the reason that you were lying and was proven that the sister is menthally ill. Also I want to thank you for the info about this woman is going to be punished by God, Am very glad and sure that the Judge in charge will be too, knowing that you did tell the little girl that 'GOD WILL PUNISH YOUR MOTHER FOR HER BEHAVIOR" and make her feel the way she feels, also to know that you called the state on her with false accusation. If your son is having 1 hour supervised visitation is maybe, just maybe, 'cause he is being investigated for sea abuse? hopefully, nothing to do with this already scare girl! Grow up and make your son a man!!!
Mar 13 2011 11:22:34: Bergen County NJ is incredibly corrupt. The department which provides Sect. VIII Housing Assistance takes $5000 payoffs to move women to the front of the line to collect. Even women from other counties, providing they pay the $5000 payoff.
Mar 13 2011 11:20:26: To the mother who printed comments about the "tilted judges" in Bergen County issuing a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against your son, regardless of that this foreign born woman attacked your son. I feel sorry for you and your son. But you should realize the System / the Judges, they don't care abou the facts, its just a version of Saudi Arabia flogging woman for getting raped, excepts dirty Bergen Cty. is so prejudiced the other way, they are flogging your son for being attacked. They don't care about the facts, only the gender, and your son is blamed simply for being Male. This country has gone nuts, and New Jersey is the nuttiest most unconstitutional part of it. Don't let it be a reflection on your son. If you are are complaining about Judge M. in family court being "Melchionne" yes he is very prejudiced in favor of women. He thinks he has to be as part of the "politically correct women's superiority nonsense that pervades the feminist NorthEast.". The fact that the woman lied, Judge Melchionne hears and sees no evil re. women, and will help tilt the record. To give you an idea of how unfair and tilted are the judges in Bergen County, I have a court-order where a Bergen Cty. Family Judge dismissed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against a woman, where the police had choke-marks photos of where she choked her husband's neck. To them it doesn't matter, they don't take violence or threats by woman seriously. Judge Melchionne is too busy 'brown-nosing to women's superiority groups' and following the 'political dogma' he was taught in law-school about women's and homosexual's rights, to see clearly and objectively in family court matters. Maybe he hated his father, maybe his father ran out on the family, but the Dirty System in Bergen County is making for fatherless kids. No problem, they just increase the welfare spending or hound your son into Jail if he ever becomes unemployed and can't pay child support. The only thing they care about is enforcing the role of non-homosexual men to be "wallets", never their rights or the children's rights. The best thing your son can do is move away to even Florida or New York State which will not enforce New Jersey's garbage against male parents.
Jan 28 2010 20:48:47: okay my comment was #3 and since that time we were told that judge m. was fair. In my opinion he wasn't. I am convinced that most women who cry domestic abuse win. I was a battered wife so I know that there are battered women out there. There are also battered men. If you go to radar. com you will see. Now for 6 months my son has to attend Anger management classes that he does not need and will continue to get to see his daughter once a week for 1 hr in a place in back of the courthouse. He probably will have a record for assault against him for the rest of his life while this woman who came from another country laughs at everyone. She has no respect for the law for the courts or for god. Will she be punished for purgering herself in court for over 9 months? I highly doubt it. If all courts treat innocent people the way this one did I feel sorry for the innocent and mostly the innocent sitting in jail right now. I guess all you have to do is cry D.V. and you can get away with it and i am talking about the liars not the one's who are really battered.
Jan 11 2010 04:19:45: i cannot believe that the judicial system failed my son. he was wrongfully accused of domestic violence when in fact it was the mother of his daughter that had committed this against him. it all comes down to the fact that she doesn't want him to see his daughter and she will do anything to stop it. he gets to see his daughter 1 hr a week in bergen county across from courthouse. the judge did not believe my testimony my son's or her sister's. my son is terrified of this woman. she is not a citizen, has at least 4 aliases, has cheated internal revenue, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Why do they believe her? Maybe the fact that her lawyer has his office in the courthouse and he knows every judge and there is favoratism. i know the truth will come out eventually and this woman will be punished for what she is doing to my son. God knows she is a liar and soon the courts will know too.
Oct 20 2009 23:05:32: The Bergen County Court is basically a 'sewer' run by judges that often rule based in bias and prejudice, that has more to do with how they "categorize you" than the facts of the case. They also cheat and break the rules constantly to help women against men in Family Court, and so destroy lives of male parents and children. Most of the Bergen County Judges have no sense of decency in their immoral quest to push thru Female Supremecist Rights, and so remake society mainly without male parents. Then the same rotten government wonders why children are so messed up, and so today has twice as many Professionals working at schools per student, as existed in 1960, yet students today overall are dumber (lower SAT scores).
Sep 06 2009 23:48:58: I reported Illegal activity by Hackensack, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Daniel Mecca and Court Appointed Mediator Vincent Marella, to Governor Jon Corzine and Attorney General Ann Milgram by numerous Certified Letters, and got no responses. The Judge is enforcing an Illegal Non-Compete Stipulation with NO Expiration Date. He stripped me of my 29 year career. New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine or NJ State Attorney General Ann Milgram can just tear up the stipulation, but I get no response. Is this The United States of America, or some Third World Country? SEE:,nj%20corruption.htm Corruption as usual in NJ. I was stripped of my Constitutional Rights and my Civil Rights. What good is The US Constitution, or The NJ Constitution if NO ONE will enforce them? I hold the State of New Jersey, all of the Lawyers involved, and Anti Hydro International, Inc. fully responsible for these actions, and will seek all damages