The Ethics of Capital Punishment

Ethical views and resources on capital punishment

There are not many subjects more hotly debated in the United States than the issue of capital punishment. The country seems to be almost equally divided. Many people feel that it’s necessary to provide true justice to victims and ensure the safety of American citizens, but just as many people maintain that it’s nothing more than legalized murder.


Courts for States with Most Executions

  • Texas Courts
  • Virginia Courts
  • Oklahoma
  • Missouri
  • Florida Courts

    Recent Court Decisions on the Death Penalty

    Statistics Related to the Death Penalty

    • Lethal Injection Article: Offers many statistics including how many prisoners are on death row and where they live.
    • Bureau Of Justice Statistics: Has statistics from the year 2008 as well as a graph detailing the number of executions from 1930 to 2008.
    • Death Penalty Facts: Lists information about the death penalty including things like how much it costs, what races are most affected, and how many of those with mental illness are affected.
    • Anchorage Statistics: An Alaskan organization that keeps capital punishment records and other statistics that relate to them.
    • The Death Penalty: 1930-2008: Provides statistics about the rate of death penalty cases from 1930 to 2008 as well as other relevant information.

    Internet Sites (pro and anti-death penalty organization websites)

    • Pro Death Penalty: Homepage for an organization that supports the death penalty. Site has articles, news, and other information about the death penalty.
    • Pro Death Resource Community: A pro death penalty organization that keeps track of current death penalty court cases and executions.
    • NCADP: Homepage for the NCADP, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.
    • MVFR: Page for the Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation, an anti-capital punishment organization supported by victims’ families.
    • Lamp Of Hope:  Site for an organization based in Texas that focuses on abolishing the death penalty in Texas.
    • Fight Death Penalty in the USA: A Denmark-based organization that’s devoted to abolishing capital punishment in the United States.
    • Pro-Capital Punishment Directory: A huge resource page of pro capital punishment organizations with links to them and a ranking system.

    Articles Supporting Capital Punishment

    Articles Denouncing Capital Punishment