State and Local Government Information

Resources on sex offender laws, revenue, and a number of other areas.


Sex offender laws: Each state must have sex offender registration laws in place.

Misdemeanor: A misdemeanor is a crime that can involve a sentence of less than one year.

Felony: A felony is considered a more serious offense than a misdemeanor.

State Legislature: Understanding your State Legislature process will help you to influence it.

Nebraska State Legislature: Nebraska’s State Legislature is unicameral.

Collective voice: The National Governor’s Association considers itself “the collective voice of the Nation’s Governors”.

Education and Training: Government Financial Officers’ Association offers education and training to government financial officers.

Non-profit organization: The International City/County Management Association is a non-profit organization.

Council of State Governments: The Council of State Governments prides itself on being strictly non-partisan.

Governmental Accounting: The Governmental Accounting Standards Board provides plain language copies of accounting-related articles.

Domestic violence: The AELE provides a good definition of misdemeanor as it pertains to domestic violence.

Department of Justice Statistics: The Department of Justice keeps statistics on the number of felony cases filed in State courts.

UCR Crime Statistics: The FBI states that UCR crime statistics are one of their most popular requests.

Wisconsin Municipal Codes: Specific codes and ordinances are drafted for each of the Wisconsin cities. A comprehensive database will provide easy to access information.

City & County Codes: A comprehensive list of states and official websites allows users to find the proper information fast.

Washington State County and City Municipal Codes: The state of Washington including some of its largest cities such as Tacoma and Seattle have individual municipal codes.

Wyoming Legislative Branch & Municipal Codes: Cities such as Alpine, Bear River, Buffalo, Glendo and Lyman (among all other WY cities) have separate codes and ordinances to be followed.

Municipal Codes of Maryland: The state of Maryland has various database that include official websites, current code listings and more.

Maine Municipal Code Enforcement & Training Program: The State of Maine Planning Office has agreed to sale back its code program as of 2009.

Patriot II Draft Law: This draft law proposes change to the Freedom of Information Act.

The Military Draft: U.S. And Minnesota Law: The draft was suspended in 1973, and draft registration terminated in 1975.

U.S. Draft Law: This new U.S. Draft Law would ban most trading in credit-default swaps.

Maine Revenue Service: The Maine Revenue Service is responsible for the organization and distribution of tax laws to its residents and businesses within its state borders.

Hawaii Department of Taxation: The state department is responsible for drafting and implementing state tax laws for Hawaii residents.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue: The state of Wisconsin offers both electronic and paper filing of one's taxes, either individual or business.

Idaho Tax Statutes: The state of Idaho implements its own state tax codes and laws.

Illinois Revenue: Whether business or individual residents taxes, the state has separate tax laws that must be followed when filing.

Minnesota Department of Revenue: The state has recently reduced local aids, so that it's state taxes can provide more offering to its citizens where the state sees fit.
State of Rhode Island Division of Taxation: The state allows some residents and business to file their taxes electronically, however most are expected to file by use of paper tax returns.