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Junius Town Court

Phone 315-539-4667
Map Google Map
Mailing Address Junius Town Court
655 Dublin Road, Clyde, NY 14433-9411
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 655 Dublin Rd., Clyde, NY 14433
Fax 315-539-4317
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About the area
A little over 1,000 people live in Junius, right on the border of Wayne County. A rural area with many ponds and rivers near it. Good fishing area especially in the summer months. Different types of fish such as brook trout and others can be found here. Tourists from upstate New York sometimes travel down to this area to fish.
Honorable Brian J. Laird and Honorable Brian S. Erway
Seneca County DA; ADA is here on the third Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7. Tl at 315-539-1300 x3502, 48 W Williams, Waterloo 13165.
Type Of Cases Traffic violations, Criminal problems. Plenty of speeding tickets from Thruway I-90. Maybe more than one per capita in this town of just over 1000 people.
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Old Comments about Junius Town Court (hide)

May 13 2011 04:50:24: This County's DA's also count NON-moving violations against you when considering traffic reductions.
May 13 2011 04:49:50: This Court has multiple address and phone numbers: Junius Town Court Hon Stephen H Brown 655 Dublin Rd. Clyde NY 14433 Ph 539-4667 Fax 539-4317 ADA Christine Deal (was Patrick Morrell) -or- Junius Town Court Hon Brian J Laird 1589 Rt 318 Waterloo NY 13165 Ph 539-9052 Fax 539-9052
May 13 2011 04:48:55: "2011-03-04 00:36:45: I find it amusing that people that break the law-expect the court to follow rules. You have to be moving pretty fast to get a ticket on the thurway 75+mph" I find it pretty amusing that you have no idea what you are talking about and are just plain factually wrong. Stop trying to play lawyer and leave it to those of us that see tickets for 70/65 FROM THE THRUWAY...genius!
Mar 04 2011 08:36:45: I find it amusing that people that break the law-expect the court to follow rules. You have to be moving pretty fast to get a ticket on the thurway 75+mph
Aug 21 2010 05:16:14: sent traffic ticket in with correct address that was on ticket. only it was returned undeliverable. address on the ticket is wrong
Mar 26 2010 10:22:11: Hi Guys, is this address 655 Dublin RD Clyde NY 14433 correct? I could not able to locate the court in this address. Address incorrect????
Feb 19 2010 07:58:51: Try seneca ADA Christine Deal at 315-539-1300 ext 3502 48 west williams St, waterloo, NY 13165 for traffic court Twn Junius.
Feb 17 2010 04:41:55: got a speeding ticket in your lovely speed trap, I mean town, last Easter. Sent in guilty plea by mail, 11/20/09. It was returned to me TODAY 2/16/10 because the form has the incorrect address on it. 675 Dublin Rd, Waterloo 13165????
Jan 05 2010 23:46:37: The reality is that these rinky dink Courts need to be done away with and or consolidated. One of these courts only has the clerk working on Saturdays!! How is an Attorney's office supposed to contact them when they normally aren't open on weekends. You see Richland's Judge just got censured for taking too long with cases etc...expect more as more people complain. Judges also shouldn't be allowed to operate Court out of their personal homes but that happens too. The whole thing is a huuuuge joke!
Dec 15 2009 04:02:23: 12/14/09- the current address is 655 Dublin Road, Clyde, N.Y. 14433 and cut the COurt CLerk some slack people, it's not her fault the municipality won't pay her to work full time. When I called,she answered and was very helpful & polite. A wise man once was quoted "Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me"
Nov 29 2009 03:23:05: Hi, I have been trying to findout how much I pay for the speeding ticket for the past 2 months. I live in PA. No response from DMV NY. I googled today and found this site and undestood I'm not the only one affected. No one is picking up the court phone.
Oct 14 2009 03:52:05: yeah that number listed above is the only way you can ever get in touch with them. Thanks!
Sep 23 2009 20:35:34: I've been trying to call for four months to find out how much a speeding violation is. No luck either. Since i can see I am not first with this problem, the court must have decided to behave irresponsibly and unfairly to the public.
Aug 15 2009 02:42:16: Hey all you confused traffic violators. My co-worker found the real number to the court house! If you are trying to get in contact with them call 315.539.9052.
Aug 15 2009 02:41:20: Hey all you confused traffic violators. My co-worker found the real number to the court house! If you are trying to get in contact with them call 315.539.9052.
Jun 25 2009 02:30:57: I have been trying to get ahold of them for a couple of weeks now. I keep getting a message machine. Today I called and got a different message saying the clerk is only there from mondays 2-4 and fridays sometime too. What a joke.<br>[Editor's Note: The Junius population is just over 1000 people. It is not reasonable to expect them to have a full-time court staff. This is the reality of most local courts in NY.]
Jun 04 2009 01:33:10: Is there a email address to write too? I can't reach anyone on the telepone.(do they have a telephone ?)
Jun 04 2009 01:31:45: how do you find out how much a violation is ???No one answers the telepohone.
Dec 16 2007 01:50:21: It would be best for the courts and the offender to know how much a traffic citatation is at the time the ticket is issued so settlement could be made quickly or go to court if wanting to appeal the charge.