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Utica City Court

Phone 315-266-4600 per comment
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Mailing Address Utica City Court
411 Oriskany Street West, Utica, NY 13502
Attorney Advertisement Thomas B. Mafrici 315-699-3095
Street Address 411 Oriskany St. W, Utica, NY 13502
Fax 724-0762 (criminal); 792-0762 (traffic)
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Phone number is reported new. Court fax numbers - we're not sure. Old numbers: 724-8158 (traffic); 724-8227 (criminal)
About the area
Utica is a city rich in history, but ain't doing so well in the present and the future looks kinda bleak. Industry is hollowing out like most of upstate NY, but we hear the prostitution industry is thriving. Not the kind that would attract a Governor or anything though. More on the inexpensive side. We're sure Mayor Roefaro (elected in 2008) will do his best to turn things around, but that doesn't really juice the optimism. On the bright side, Hamilton College is not too far away and is a lovely little school.
Balzano, Eannace and Popeo
Oneida DA mostly.
Type Of Cases Marijuana, prostitution, traffic, drug crime
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Old Comments about Utica City Court (hide)

May 27 2011 21:25:39: Judge Balzano is lacking a heart and has no comprehension of the blessed gifts from Gaia
Feb 18 2011 21:04:38: Don't let a loved one with mental illness and substance abuse particpate in Drug Court. Judge Balzano is completely ignorant and lacaking in compassion regarding people with mental illness.
Dec 18 2010 01:52:31: utica is unfair and unjust. the courts are biased and the judges dont care. every cop in the city is dirty except for maybe 2. they use there power to bring down the innocent while the crackheads and drug dealers and the rapist are out doing there thing on our streets. thanks popeo, eannace, and balzano. your all worthless
Jul 13 2010 23:28:44: New Number: 315-266-4600
Jun 30 2010 00:13:38: 315-266-4600?